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Old 11-29-2005, 08:53 PM   #1
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It's Not About Race

It's about religion
BRUSSELS, Nov. 29 (UPI) -- A woman who carried out a suicide attack in Iraq two weeks ago was identified Tuesday as the first European female suicide bomber.

The Belgian anti-terrorism unit has confirmed that the woman was a Belgian citizen who converted to Islam after her marriage to a Muslim fundamentalist, news service RTL reported Tuesday.

American military forces identified the woman at a combat scene in Baghdad. She was carrying recently issued Belgian identity papers which revealed she had traveled via Turkey. There are no traces of her radical husband who is believed to have organized her trip.

Around 10 percent of all suicide bombings the last 25 years have been carried out by women from the Middle East or Asia. It is, however, a first for a Western woman who has converted to Islam.

It's the next logical step really, why should a man die when a woman could kill just as many people, and on the plus side with polygamy it's many more exploding wives per individual bloke.

What an ideology

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Re: It's Not About Race

Originally posted by A_Wanderer
It's about religion
It's about distortion.

So I wonder how all those who think profiling really works will deal with this?

So we can't use male, age, and skin color...

Maybe the next step is putting our idealology on our passports.

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damn lesbian

i hope she enjoys her
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you got the ideology wrong

i think women are breeding place to produce more guys and girls of their religion and even if 3 guys become terrorists - one guy would take care of 4 women and impregnate them that there is absolutely no chances of growth rate reduction whereas the 3 guys who can become (optional) terrorists/religious torch bearers/jihadis can kill 3000 Americans ( most of them Christians) in New York or 100 Hindus in Kashmir or 50 Jews in Israel.

Man - this is flawless stratergy

Btw, I also think a converted guy is more fanatic than a non-converted guy..and the ratio of converted guy who are terrorists to the total number of converted guy is way higher than the ratio of guys who are following the religion since birth and have become terrorist to the total number of guys who follow religion since birth...I read a similar article sometime back on internet..that had data related to this .cant spot it now
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Okay, I guess we should keep my strategy for the jihadist lady-killers
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