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The Fly
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I personally believe that pot is far safer than alcohol, for example i've never heard of anyone getting high and then proceeding to bash the shit out of their wife and kids. At least pot smokers don't harm anyone but themselves!

Good resource here:

The "Gateway Theory" (that marijuana leads to other drugs:

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Originally posted by OzAurora:

I have never understood this, this in my opinion is such a load of crap, people will try other things regardless of whether they have tried pot or not, most people I know who are major pot heads dont do anything else and are not into trying anything else, and how if you smoke a joint one day do you end up a couple of years later snorting cocaine?????- I just dont get it........I used to smoke pot and have tried most drugs, both legal and ilegal and I would of done this regardless of whether I had tried pot or not, there are a lot of different drugs for different occasions, I know a lot of hard core, raving ecstacy users who have never had a bong in their life, so this pot leads to harder drugs scapegoating is just a load of shite in my opinion
The reason why pot leads to other drugs is because pot gets boring after a while and people want something that will affect them harder. It happened to me personally and obviously thousands of other people because this is a very common opinion.


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Based on my personal experience, alcohol is much more dangerous than pot. I've had one family member die from alcohol abuse, and another is well on the way. I have seen people "graduate" from alcohol to hard drugs, but not from pot to hard drugs.

In my experience, smoking pot makes you mellow and possibly temporarily a bit stupid, whereas drunken people can be anything from jolly to overly sentimental to verbally agressive, spiteful, or even violent.

I myself will never have a relaxed relationship to alcohol, as I always feel I have to be on guard for myself and others when drinking is going on, but smoking pot is harmless fun to me, even though I don't do it often.

Strange but true personal facts about me: I haven't been really drunk since 1991. I love listening to childrens' songs (and wetting myself laughing) while stoned. I wear an "infidelity ring", which I have discovered works nicely as an alcohol test: as long as I can assemble it, I'm okay - once I forget how to do it, I've had enough.

Above all: Don't lose your head. Be safe!

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