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I cant keep up with this thread lol. Babble, I think everyone even smokers are aware of the health risks. No one can deny them. I'm certainly not trying to deny they exist. I hope it didn't appear that way.
One thing you said this reminds you of when you were a kid and would point to your siblings rooms when asked to clean yours. Fair enough. I wont reiterate again how I think it is stupid to be bothering with smoking (just) in pubs and clubs when obesity and it's side effects are killing more Americans (the rest of the world isn't that far behind) every single day.
So back to smoking, in bars and clubs...You (maybe not personally) want a complete and total ban on cigarettes in any place outside someone's home? That's your right I guess. Just like I guess it is a smoker's right to feel they can smoke in their local pub. Maybe I dont see it the way some of you do, as Australia banned cigarettes in every public place (except for sections of pubs) years and years ago. It was banned on trains, workplaces, shopping centres, sporting arenas, and even public areas which were covered by any kind of awning or roof. Basically, if you are not in clear open space, you can't smoke. Sounds mighty fair to me. If there is any kind of confinement, you face a fine. In bars, they're all split up into smoking and non smoking. Seems that still everyone is happy as those who want just a drink dont have to put up with it, and those who choose to practice their right to smoke, still can.

Yes it is always a matter of tackling one issue at a time, and everything that is important can't all be dealt with. It just seems a little one sided. I'd make a joke that people can just go outside with their drink if they dont like it, but iacrobat might get annoyed (from comment about starting his own bar) And I'm not serious anyway. So really, I dont care either way at the end of the day. Of course the support of this is fine, but so is my viewed hypocrisy of it, when we are talking about bars overflowing with alcohol. Deflecting perhaps, it is. But that's life. We pick and choose what matters today.

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