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Old 02-23-2006, 12:53 PM   #1
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Iraq Vet Stabs Wife

71 Times with knive and Cleaver!.

The Results of War.

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So sad. So true.

A friend of mine's in the military & married another military guy while they were overseas. She got shipped back home & he went to Iraq. When he came back, he beat her---badly. He's been in the brig since & she immediately divorced him.

A few thousand killed.
Several times that severely maimed, missing limbs, etc.
Many, many times that number who are now fucked in the head.

So uncool.

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i tend to believe that some(not all) people who become soldiers have extreme violent tendancies to begin with. so i don't believe it's the war that does it, it's just their personality.

war does suck ass though.
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You have to have a predisposition to get Post Trauma Stress Syndrome. It runs in my own family, one of my West-Virginia born great-uncles killed his wife and himself back in the '20's after going to WWI and coming back a complete mess.
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Not to excuse it in any way but it also says he was taking prescription medication, that could have been a factor.

I would guess that war could cause extreme violent tendencies in even the most passive, non-violent person. What it can do to a person only he/she truly knows.

My father was in a war and I know the impact that had on the kind of parent he was to me - not a good one, I'll just leave it at that. Of course people handle it differently and it makes some people better spouses and parents and there were many other factors that made him a very poor parent.
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Someone in my family shot himself in the head 30 years after being in vietnam. He'd never owned a gun other than government issue until he decided to do that. He was NOT a violent person at all.

We know now according to his VA records that he had post traumatic stress and something awful had happened to him there that he never did deal with.
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the title is wrong

an Iraq Vet did not stab his wife

a gemini did not stab his

a Republican did not stab his wife

a Catholic did not stab his wife

a Tarheals fan did not stab his wife

a high school dropout did not stab his wife

a MAN stabbed his wife

it was only a man
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Re: Iraq Vet Stabs Wife

Originally posted by Justin24
71 Times with knive and Cleaver!.
can we get a recount?
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I think you have to have experienced war yourself to have any idea of what is being talked about here. I guess anyone can turn into a monster if he or she is pushed far and hard enough mentally.

This is not an attempt at excusing a horrible act, but I don't think that there is any evidence confirming that soldiers, or just a large part of them, are predisposed to violent behaviour. Not sure, though.

Has research shown that soldiers that haven't been to war commit more violent crimes than the general public? This would be interesting to know.

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