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Old 10-02-2003, 12:31 PM   #16
The Fly
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O, and one other thing, we aren't even sure if Iran has a developing Nuclear weapon, and if it does, well its wrong... But tell that to all other states.

O, and hezbullah and hamas are seperate from the Irani government, Iran does not fund them, if you think that iran funds them because they sleep in the country... Well, you might as well count the US as a terrorist harboring country...

My simple point is that the US is creating more and more enemies by its little shopping spree in the ME.

For god sake, let Iran develope.... DO WE NEED TO DESTROY ANOTHER COUNTRY?????

O, and finally, heres a list of things I think the US should work on to establish a fair democracy:

End all support for the Sharon administration, that has been responsible for thousends and thousends of deaths from Lebanon to the West Bank (and I mean innocent civilians deaths).

#2 Stop investing in the development of Nuclear Weapons, a wasteful initiative considering the people in the country have a standard of living that #106 in the world. AMERICA has plenty of energy resources, its the last country in the world that needs Nuclear energy. Invest in health care, education, etc.

#3 secure its borders and round up any KKK, Al Qaeda, and other extreme individuals.

#4 Allow freedom of the press.

#5 Allow for free and fair ellections.

#6 end the influence of the conservative politicians and bias media outlets. If they want their own political party fine, but let the people vote for who they want to hold the offices and the influence on national policy.

#7 Respect and enforce basic Human rights and allow for free and fair trials of those accused of Crimes.

Looks like America has its own lists of faults.......... :S


I don't wanna keep on butchering America, but listen, we claim to be a moral country, and yet we are defying others right of development through our own self interest and ignorence...

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Old 10-02-2003, 12:43 PM   #17
Blue Crack Addict
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You're right about the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia being scared of the Shia. Iran is the only Shia state in the world and this has the Sunnis in other countries uptight, to say the least. Who bombed the Shia mosque in Iraq? Wahhabis! I'm taking pain pills for sciatica so forgive me if I make an absent-minded mistake. I know some of the people busted for the mosque bombing were from Saudi Arabia. I do think there are plenty of peace-loving people in Saudi Arabia who do not want to bomb Shia mosques or do anything else to hurt them or anyone else. However there are obviously people from that country who don't care what they do to hurt Shia Moslems as well as people from the U.S, Britain, and even the U.N. I hope these evil people can be stopped. The mosque bombing made me sick.

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Old 10-02-2003, 12:58 PM   #18
The Fly
Join Date: Jan 2001
Location: Stow, MA, USA
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YOu are one of the few people who have just plain, right out, has stated that without trying to justify it or give a reason for it...

Thank you verte, I can always count on you for having an honest out right oppinion...


Anyways, i didn't wanna bash the US to much on its lame relation with the UN...

But that damn veto rule, can you believe that it only takes one veto out of all the members to ignore a problem or issue... it sux, this has been abused by not only the US, but in the past by the Russians, etc....

I mean, the US is not the only membe who uses the UN when they want to...

I just wanted to say that the US is not, by all means, the only hypocritical, developed, state.


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