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Old 01-20-2004, 01:58 PM   #31
The Fly
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Dean MUST win

Kerry, Edwards, Gephardt, Lieberman.... they all voted for the illegal war. Them along with dictator Bush are all responsible for the murder of 500 americans in Iraq and for the murder of many innocent Iraqi citizens and children. I don't know how Kerry can sleep at night knowing that at least 500 families have lost family members in Iraq, it makes me sick to see Kerry laughing and smiling on television. How dare Kerry and Edwards send Americans into an illegal war.

I'm praying that Dean wins next year, and I hope the first thing Dean does as President is send Bush, Kerry, Edwards, and Lieberman over to the Hague to stand trial for war crimes and the butchering of thousands of innocent Iraqis. Kerry and Bush should share a jailcell together for the Iraq war which they supported and signed into legislation.

America isn't working this hard to get rid of warmonger Bush only to turn around and send warmonger Kerry into the white house. We must keep fighting for Dean, and send a clear message to Kerry and Edwards that they are just puppets for Bush and they are responsible for the deaths of over 500 americans.

Send Dean to the White House, and send Bush, Kerry, and Edwards to jail !!!

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Old 01-20-2004, 04:29 PM   #32
love, blood, life
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Local Time: 10:54 AM the United States Constitution it was legal. That is why both the house and the senate voted to give him the power to go into Iraq.

I think you might be in the wrong thread with this post by the way. This was about the caucuses.


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Blue Crack Addict
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Now the question is: who wins New Hampshire? It's anyone's ball game now. To hell with the polls, pundits and anyone else besides the voters. I have to give it to Kerry: he didn't throw in the towel, he went into Iowa, he worked hard.........As much as I love our great democracy, I'll admit it's a bit flawed, like anything else human. Elections have become a bit too much of a popularity contest, and don't rely on the issues enough, thanks to the media. This was a rare example of the issues beating image. I'm not signing onto Kerry's campaign, (I'm officially non-committed, will vote for the Democrat in November) but this was pretty cool. I turned on the TV today just to see some of those pundits eat crow.

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