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Old 11-06-2004, 03:01 PM   #46
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Originally posted by Flying FuManchu

Bush dynasty?

They're like that Whack a mole game, you get rid of one and another one pops up.

2024: Jenna Bush v. Chelsea Clinton.

Great article, BTW.

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Well the Bush's have allready beaten the Kennedy's in the presidential department.

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No matter what, I think that John Kerry is a good man - NOT the evil man that the Bush campaign or those Swift Boat Veterans made him out to be. He suffered in Vietnam. How the hell could people take away from that? How DARE they do that when Bush didn't even go there? What, you think he went to Vietnam and closed his eyes until it was all over? He saw, smelled, and was close to death over there. War is life and death.

Kerry just seems like someone who really wanted to beat Bush, become President, and change things for the better for average people. He sounds like the guy who marries a rich, overbearing woman for all the wrong reasons and gets bossed around a whole lot by her. But in his core, I saw a good guy - a proud, fatherly-type who tries hard for the people he works for.

Can you honestly say the same thing about Bush? With so many rich friends, corporate connections, old vendettas from his father's administration, what do you think happens? He has to satisfy the friends and corporate connections that get him into power and keep him there. Do I think he is the devil? No...he might be a fun guy to be around, maybe grab a beer with. But President? My strikes me as an arrogant corporate insider with a Jesus complex. Now we will all suffer for his arrogance for the next four years.

Oh well, more politics-as-usual for another four years. yay.
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they're both evil. all men are evil...
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Old 11-07-2004, 04:54 PM   #50
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Both men have rather interesting personal stories. I think relatively speaking, they are both "good" men.

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