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View Poll Results: Is this acceptable?
Yes, I'm a woman who is a mom and think it is 6 11.32%
Yes, I'm a woman with no kids and think it is 17 32.08%
No, I'm a woman with kids and say no. 2 3.77%
No, I'm a woman with no kids 7 13.21%
I'm male and say no. 9 16.98%
I'm male and say yes, and let them have cake too. 12 22.64%
Voters: 53. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 08-02-2007, 12:28 AM   #226
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Again, acceptable in what sense, Diamond?

I don't think you understand the stats either. They say that of women with kids, 6 think it OK, 1 not. Of women without kids, 17 OK, 7 not.

Either way you look at it, it's not a minority who would ingest their placenta.

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Originally posted by Sloane Peterson

Well, that's my opinion
As was mine... go figure... People have varying opinions, this is yet another part of life. We like to comment and post our own opinions.

Originally posted by Sloane Peterson

By the way, I may me optimistic, but I am not naive.
For sure!?!... For real!?!... and no one else will have an opinion that is different to you either right?

Originally posted by Sloane Peterson

Trying to scare me away from having a baby ? No problem. I am not even sure I want kids in the first place.
WRONG! Where TF do you get that idea from??? Having children is one of the greatest events in my life! Why would I discourage it? What erks me is the idea of saying that the EATING of a by-product of a birth is a "beautiful thing"
If we have misunderstood each other, Sloane Peterson, I apologise

Originally posted by hardyharhar
She never said she would give birth and then enjoy her placenta with some fava beans and a nice chianti
Well that’s a good thing... because it goes much better with a cab-sav and a nice walnut and blue cheese salad... thf thf thf thf thf

Originally posted by hardyharhar
What I don't understand is why a mom would try and discourage a young lady from possibly having kids one day because she "hasn't gone through it". What a crock.
Agreed... and it would take a special kind of to interpret my post as that

Originally posted by hardyharhar
because what this world doesn't need more of, are capable and loving women not having kids.
Right on! Thoughtful, loving people. And bring your kids up that way too... God knows we need more ppl that are loving in this world.

Now quick... someone get me some antivenin for Teta040's post
Originally posted by Teta040
I wonder if there's any room on here for a non-Mom who shares the so-called "la la" view on pregnancy but who would NOT eat the placenta?
For sure... the more the merrier, that’s what a forum is for... but be careful not to voice an opinion... people may not agree with you... shhhhhh

Originally posted by Teta040
I suppose Fly So High had a 36-hr labor of her first kid topped off with an emergency C section, and feels like she merits a gold medal.
"I suppose"... Awesome... an assumption...
Remember kids... never assume it will only make an ASS of U and ME
My births where tough for me... they can be tough for anyone... but awesome and the greatest and most rewarding experience I have ever had...

Originally posted by Teta040
Well, so what sister, don't we ALL...and like it says in that book, "The Girlfriend's Guide To Pregnancy" they don't give out gold medals for this one, honey. If you did, I feel sorry for your of course, and can seehow that would make you bitter, but don't take it out on those of us who have yet to go through life's baptism of fire.
Baptism of fire... seriously... you need help. It's a part of life! The only fire is the type that you need to put cream on for months after the birth if you get them... they are called haemorrhoids dear <not wanting to turn anyone off>

Originally posted by Teta040
Birth is a wonderful dicotomy, like sex
like sex????
how exactly... ummmm sexual dichotomy... pleasure and pain... OOoooo kinky.
Beauty and violence... He's not the right guy for you... seek help!

Originally posted by Teta040
If your kid from that labor had down's syndrome or something, then you have a right maybe to be so goddarned bitter and feel so superior. Otherwise, I say, keep the trap shut.
Should mothers that have children with a congenital disorder be any different from anyone else? We all love our children unconditionally. That is by far the most misguided, OFFENSIVE and disgusting comment I think I have ever read in this forum.

Originally posted by Teta040
There are those of us on here who are prepared, when we become pregnant, to revel in the glorious "la la"-ness of it all, and we'll do our best to prepare not only for the agony itself but the blood and guts and the humilation of crapping on the delivery room table--if you haven't had time for the enema-- as well. (That's the one detail about birth--the total emptying out of yourself--that you'll never see in the movies or on TV.) We aren't blind.
Alas.. you are showing that you are blind. Nothing will prepare you, no one has a crystal ball that will tell you what is or is not going to happen. That "sister" is life.

Originally posted by Teta040
So sorry to be so blunt, but hey, apparently, that's birth.
Sorry to be so blunt but hey, apparently, it appears you have no idea.

Want to do something constructive and memorable with the placenta? Do what hundreds of others do. Take it home and bury it under a tree or a rose bush DONT FEKIN' EAT IT and I guarantee you will have a beautiful and healthy commemoration of the greatest day of your life! (hopefully one of many)

*Steps off the soap box and walks off wondering if anyone has spell check on their computers*

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Re: Ingesting one's placenta, acceptable or not?

Originally posted by diamond
The temporary organ was saved, dried and emulsified, then placed in gelatin capsules and taken by the mother in the months after the birth in December 2004.
again, i just think this point from the original article needs to be emphasized. whether or not you agree or disagree, i think it is important to keep in mind that this isn't serving it up on a dish. it is placed in gelatin it doesn't even look or taste (not that i'd know!) like placenta. i just think this is a very important point.

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