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IIRC, tat tvam asi means "you are that", where 'that' is Brahman and 'you' is Atman. It's taken from one of the Upanisads (Hinduism), where a father is trying to explain the difference between Brahman (the Ultimate reality) and Atman (the soul) to his son. He says that if you take the fruit of a specific tree (can't remember which one) and you break it in half, you will find hundreds of tiny seeds. He tells the son to break one of the seeds, and asks him what is in there. The son replies, "nothing". The father tells the son that he is that thing which cannot be seen - tat tvam asu. Basically, Brahman and Atman are united, but not the same.

I'm doing this from memory, if I've said anything wrong, please feel free to correct me.

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Religion has never been a problem, I feel as though the people I dealt with at the time were just not being open minded. My mother for example, is catholic, and being brought up in her country, she also very superstitious. She still believes that if I don't baptize my son, he will die and go to purgatory. I on the other hand, believe that he will go straight to heaven. So I told her that if she wants to baptize him so that she can feel better then she can pay for the baptism, invitation and so forth. She never did it, of course, but it gave us both an understanding of each other's faith.

The church does not have high expectations for me to meet. It's like a process. If you want to get better, then you can do it at your own pace or you can have someone help you along the way. I don't believe that anyone other than yourself should be able to determine when and what needs to be changed. But again, other christians may disagree and others may agree. It's to help you focuse on you.

You can be part of a religion and not agree with everything... I don't, and it has inspired me to be more open minded, give myself possibilities and focus on my peace and happiness. It allows me to find out who I am and what I stand for. I think that is the focus of any religion, to find peace and hapiness.

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Originally posted by paxetaurora

Do any of you who do not have "churches" per se find it harder to live up to the code of behavior, for example, set forth by your particular faith?
No, but it takes inner strength and no excuses.

I think it's easier for me, because I'm not really a social person. I prefer spending time by myself, and I don't like groups of poeple and the whole "groupthink" thing. So often the people of a church are so very willing to tell you how to behave and what God thinks of your conduct, that they haven't examined their own behavior and motivations in a long time. Guidance and advice can be helpful, but in the long run, it's always between you and God anyway, isn't it.

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