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Old 07-19-2005, 04:11 PM   #46
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Originally posted by Teta040
He sounds just like my Mom. Don't feel bad, Sami. I can't get it through her either. I tell her that Bono began his activist work shoveling S**t in an Ethiopian refugee camp in 1985, a trip he went on secretly, long before he became a superstar. He went with just his wife and in secret, the media didn't even find out they were there for 2 weeks. They worked keeping the camp latrine clean until the media finally foumd out who they were and thus alerted the locals to their musical talent, and then they were invited to help in the orpanage after that.

I've shopwed her all the quotes from the band's earyl years, aobut their compassion for the poor. I've showed her all the articles, where Bono talks about being accosted by homelss people in the street and he'd empty his pocket of $200 and give them everything, and one day when he had no money on him, he took the shirt off his back and autogrpahed it and gave that to a homeless guy.

I could give her a college lecture on U2 and she wouldn't care. Her big thing is Bono meeting with Bush. She sees the pics and it;s allover. Policitcs has no meaning to her. I don;t likeit wither, but I understand he has to at least try.
Ahh sorry for bringing up an old topic and i don't mean to doubt Teta in anyway...but where are these stories from?

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Old 07-20-2005, 02:33 AM   #47
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What stories? Bono in Ethiopia? All U2 fans know about that.
Giving money to the poor? It was written in U2: At The End Of The World, Bill Flanagan.

I would give Bono In Conversation to anyone that questions Make Poverty History's intentions and tell them to read it. There are a lot of answers and facts that would be helpful.

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Old 07-20-2005, 06:23 AM   #48
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Oh no i knew about his Ethiopia Trip....didn't know he started off working there by shovelling s**t though, the most i knew about it was that he and Ali were teaching kids about AIDS and what not.....and i haven't read Bill Flanagans book its on my list of things to buy...
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Old 07-20-2005, 09:36 AM   #49
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Originally posted by Halifax

He’s a rockstar. You all know what the stereotype of a rockstar is: self-indulgent, womanizing, party every night drug addict.

Don't forget egotistical! Actually, the guy I was referring to the post you quoted has indulged in his fair share of groupies and never met a drug he didn't like (at least for a while). The whole sex, drugs, and rock & roll thing. Still the smartest person I know.

(And I bet a fair percentage of doctors, lawyers, businessmen, clergy, and politicians have similar vices.)

But I do agree that the silly celebrities society seems obsessed with, don't help Bono get taken seriously.
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Old 07-21-2005, 02:59 PM   #50
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Originally posted by sulawesigirl4

This is quite simply an unadulterated untruth and it makes me livid to read it. What the fuck does he know about what Africans think? Has he ever been here? Does he know any Africans? Oh yeah, they all hate us so much. Bullshit.

I'm sorry but that whole paragraph reeks of racism and ignorance. Bomb, invade, steal? When was the last time an African nation attacked the USA and tried to steal their natural resources???? WTF? If anything, it is the Western world who has repeated raped and pillaged the African continent, stolen their natural resources, enslaved the people in debt with projects they didn't even ask for.

No offense to your dad, but that makes me so angry I could cry.
I am crying right now because there has got to be a solution..I pray that in my liftime I will be able to see this change...
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Old 07-22-2005, 12:20 AM   #51
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I believe that celebrities have as much right to voice their opinions as anyone else.

Having acheived the status of "famous" does not aborogate (<sp?) ones freedom of speech.

Which is why it bugs me when people get bent out of shape over celebrities talking about\being involved in politics, charity, whatever. If Mr. and Mrs. Anonymous can support their favorite candidate or charity, so can Mr. Famous. Why is a celebrity's opinion any less acceptable than that of a non-celebrity? If you don't like their opinion, treat it like any other that you don't like: ignore it. Saying, "These pampered, overindulged idiots (or any variation thereof) should just shut up" is tremedously silly. They should stifle themselves because they're not...what? Professors? Elected officials? Neither is Joe Average, who spends an hour at lunch bending your ear about his Party, or a weekend passing the hat on behalf of the local Red Cross.

I suspect that most people who volunteer or work for charities are honest and sincere in their efforts; even celebrities.

And why should Bono (or anyone like him) have to dedicate five years worth of earnings? Would your father do the same (provided he had assurance that he would be clothed, fed and housed during that time)? I don't think so.

And no matter how much rock stars, actors, and models make, they don't make enough to single-handedly support and fund a large charity or cause.

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