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He would be considered one of the most important people alive,

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I remember seeing King on TV as a kid.

I have read a few bios and his Letters from a Birmingham Jail.

All I could read about the man.

He did not hate whites or other races.

He was about equality

and character.

He was about us. Not a race card...but people.
Things, I think, would have worked out differently in history if he had lived. We would be years ahead of where we are now.

Still sad about his death.

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Originally posted by deep

Good chance he would be as popular/ or unpopular as Jesse Jackson.

If anyone wants to do a little research, by 1968 many considered him a 'communist" he was advocating against the Viet Nam War.

I am not trying to diminish the memory of MLK jr, one bit.

I believe him to be at the top of the list of most important people of the last century.
I also support 100% all of the issues he raised.

I am just trying to be realistic here.

If JFK had lived would he be more like Jimmy Carter or Ted Kennedy?

I will digress for a comparison
take the young James Dean and the young Brando.
If Brando had died in the car crash would James Dean have turned into the bloated, Larry King kissing aging actor?

Also, let's say if Liz Taylor had died in her 30s would she be the tragic icon,
and Monroe lived on, would she have had 7-8 husbands and an erratic life?

agreed... it's such a different america today that you simply never know how any of the icons from the 60s and earlier would be held in today's 24 hour news/TMZ world.

i think dr. king would be held in a higher esteem than jesse jackson, but still... so much has changed between now and then. all it takes is one slip up... to err is human, after all... and today's vulture media will simply rip you apart. so who knows.

one would hope he'd be held as the same iconic figure if he was still alive that he has been since his death.

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