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Originally posted by Dreadsox

No the suggestion is not that at all.

The suggestion is that we selectively have shosen the bits and pieces we identify with. We focus on those and ignore others. WE have different denominations that look at the same things and come to different conclusions. We have a book that at times NO LONGER means what the original author intended because the cultural meanings and the influence of them are lost upon us because of our own cultural biases, as well as translations of the text in which words that meant one thing thousands of years ago, are interpreted to mean something different today.

I am suggesting, that when we think we are righteous and sole owners of the truth because of these things, we are missing a key part.

What was the SPIRIT of the original message?

Dread, I would swear you were one of my classmates this semester.

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Originally posted by AvsGirl41

Dread, I would swear you were one of my classmates this semester.
Me too. Seriously, great posts, both Dread and Nbcrusader.

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Originally posted by nbcrusader

How can we be more righteous than Christ-like? Christ is perfect righteousness. I don't think we can ever match that.
I am not sure that I made sense.

I think people can forget to try to be like Christ when they are completely focused on the Bible thinking they are righteous becuase they live perfectly according to what the Bible says.

Please forgive me if my post did not make sense, it happens when I am in headache hell.
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Interesting thread and a topic that I spent a lot of time thinking about when I was studying at L'Abri last year. Anyways, I was just reading an editorial that made me think of this thread and thought I would post a snippet.

from the Boston Globe ...Such ferocity of human arguments over God, whether in affirmation or denial, reflects a terrible forgetfulness. Religion is to God what the clock is to time. Religion participates in the mystery of what it represents but does not embody that mystery. Not even Christianity, with its self-understanding as a religion of the incarnate Word, does more than enshrine that Word in symbol and sacrament. Indeed, "Word" is the clue, since all religion, however infinite the object of its worship, remains bound by the finitude of language -- and language always falls short of its purpose. That truth applies to religion and science both. Words are to what they aim to express as the clock is to time. That is why silence, too, is a mode of worship. And it is why, also, the language of science always leaves room for what is not known.

"I can't change the world, but I can change the world in me." - Bono

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