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Originally posted by VertigoGal
People can identify with cheating husbands...on the other hand I think after 9/11 the public subconsciously wants the Middle Eastern people in this country to be wiretapped as a precaution, even if they won't admit it. The media has also done a good job of dumbing it down so that the average viewer thinks it's just a matter of whether or not you're okay with being wiretapped (most people are because they figure they've done nothing wrong anyway). So the media (particularly FOX) seems to have effectively taken the focus off of the actual issue. The issue isn't whether the President should be able to wiretap those that may be remotely involved in terrorism, because the FISA courts allows for that and then some. Just judging by the statistics as far as how many requests for a warrant the FISA court has ever turned down, I think it's fair to say that anyone that wouldn't have been approved by that court is someone the government has no place in wiretapping. And that's the real issue here, but I get the feeling the public won't react to it in that way. It's just not as good of material as the blowjob, dress stain, lying husband etc.

That said, financeguy does have a point...I read the book by Leon Jaworski, and despite the fact that Nixon not only broke the law but used it for clearly sinister purposes, throughout the process, Jaworski continued to choose his actions based not only on law but also on this notion of what was "best for the country" and what the country could handle. I don't think impeaching Bush would necessarily be a good thing (unlikely to happen anyway, imo).
As always VertigoGal hits it on the head.

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here's a link for the whole Gore speech


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i really hate being right so often

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Did anyone seriously believe that a Republican Congress would entertain impeaching a Republican President? Because if anyone did, I'd suggest a head examination.

Impeachment is a politically-motivated process. Nothing more.

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republicans are the party of law and order.

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Originally posted by diamond
republicans are the party of law and order.


diamond, i normaly ignore you because i just think you're in this for a few laughs, and that's fine.

but come on.

president bush has, throughout the past 5 years, pretty much told us that the law -- both domestic and international -- is pretty much an optional obligation in the discharge of his duties.

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