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What do you mean by "anti-homsexuality"? Do you mean someone who hates homosexuals, or someone who doesn't hate homsexuals but thinks homosexuality is wrong?

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I mean someone who does not want to give homosexuals equal rights as heterosexuals, such as desiring to keep sodomy and other sexual acts criminal.

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Re: i am not an american

Originally posted by kobayashi
but i am curious to ask americans the following...why is it that the president must be supported at all costs? from where does that rationale come from? why, when the war began, did all questioning of the war need to cease?

to me this would appear to clash with much of what is fundamental to america.
The President was supported by a majority of Americans, not ALL Americans. That was clear from the protests. I supported the War not so much based on the case that they made, but based on the outside readings I had done on the war. I felt that the administration did an absolutely crappy job presenting its case to the American people and the international community.

Once the war started, I am not so sure that people support the president, but rally around the president to support the troops abroad. I think most people in America know someone or know someone who knows someone who is over there. It is difficult to not want to show support when people are putting their lives on the line for you.

This would be why the protests disappeared. The firgures from the protestors were incredibly wrong about the number of civilian casualties (I am not saying that the loss of life is not trajic). The war was clearly fought in a manner that was as humane as possible, with the civilians of Iraq in mind. There is not much to protest. There were grumblings that we were not getting aid in fast enough, but once again, the US has demonstrated that they are doing everything they can to get the food and water people need to the places that it is needed.


All of this aside, BUSH SR. was also very popular after the Gulf War. He lost the election, on domestic issues and the troops were home or on their way home by election time.

We are looking at a situation where, the economy sucks right now, and the troops apparently are going to be sitting there being picked off for the next year. If WMD are not FOUND and America was clearly not in immediate danger, on top of a crappy economy, this President may very well be defeated.

Just my 2 cents.

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"...this President may very well be defeated."

You're a bright guy, and I like those odds.


Razors pain you; Rivers are damp;
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Guns aren't lawful; Nooses give;
Gas smells awful; You might as well live.

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