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Old 01-06-2006, 03:48 PM   #61
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Originally posted by indra

I do believe, however, that people should be aware of what is required to bring their meat to the table (or various medicines and medical treatments to them).
I agree with this. When I do eat meat now it is organic/free range/no hormones/etc. except in restaurants or as a guest in someone's house (although according to the organic thread that makes me self-indulgent and immoral, lol).

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Originally posted by nbcrusader

Jerks will be jerks, but you can't really equate a lifestyle preference with something like race.

then cultural/religious slurs, howabout.

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I couldn't have put it better...

I'm more B though... I eat a lot of chicken. I don't eat fish and I try to stay away from red meats as much as I can.

Originally posted by Irvine511

i respect vegetarianism from an environmental perspective. i don't think it's wrong, per say, for humans to eat animals. i do think that the conditions in which animals that are raised for meat can be appaling, and it's certainly more wasteful of resources to raise a cow -- what is it, 10 lbs of grain to raise 1 lb of beef?

that said, i tend to eat mostly chicken and fish, and do my best to get the free range stuff whenever possible.

but, i am weak. a big juicy burger or steak once in a while is divine.
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Originally posted by VertigoGal

It is, but it isn't. You have to kill an animal for both. Regardless of what you use it for, the animal is still dead. I don't see how a person could be so against one, and okay with the other.
Because some things are necessary, and others are not.

A person can live (very well in most cases) without meat, but a person with breast cancer will die without treatment. So one is only for your pleasure, whereas the other is for your very existence.

Not black and white, but shades of grey.
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Way of life/Way of death. Dont they pretty much boil down to the same thing?

Originally posted by ylimeU2

Nice try. You can't change the etymology of a word simply because you disagree with something as a way of life.
We are all dying.
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i love meat. it's great.
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Probably C (mostly chicken or lean pork), but for red meat, it's probably more like E.
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Old 01-06-2006, 07:01 PM   #68
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A) I love eating dead animals

Pretty much every dinner involves meat and either breakfast or lunch will involve some part of a delicious animal. Although the way that dog is tenderised before death for that particular Korean delicacy would make me a little averse. I spent a month cleaning out the butchers part of the supermarket I worked in arms deep in all the offcuts, cleaning out the bonesaw with that smell of marrow and raw meat only to get out and grab a burger at the fish and chip place across the road afterwards.

Protein packed energy rich enabler of social activity and intelligence - there are far fewer intelligent herbivores (the elephant does come to mind but most are just dumb chewing machines).

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Old 01-06-2006, 07:27 PM   #69
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The real problem is not eating meat, really, it's more the life they have before getting killed. Which means... none They are born, mistreated, and die. At least that zebra on the picture could run and eat fresh food before getting killed in less than 10 seconds by the lions
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It's not that difficult to have a healthy lifestyle without eating meat because all of the nutrients can be found in other products. That requires a bit more balancing and discipline though, so that might explain why some vegetarians might not be 100% healthy

Actually, I think only vegans need to take supplements because vitamine B-12 can only be found in animal products and vegetarians can get those from dairy and egs.
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Originally posted by vervex
The real problem is not eating meat, really, it's more the life they have before getting killed. Which means... none They are born, mistreated, and die. At least that zebra on the picture could run and eat fresh food before getting killed in less than 10 seconds by the lions
I think we are ascribing far too many human qualities to animals in these cases.
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Well animals can feel, suffer or be happy, be angry or scared, can't they ? Why shouldn't they be compared to us then ? The only thing that we have they don't is human logic. Analytic thoughts, and some animals have prooved that they could analyse stuff already, even fish and chickens.
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Old 01-06-2006, 09:47 PM   #73
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Most likely B

I need at least a meal with meat a day.

I didn't climb to the top of the food chain to munch on carrots, thankya very much.
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There's a doctor at work who recently arrived for a fellowship and once a group of us were going out to lunch so we asked him if he was a vegetarian and he said not only was he not, but he didn't enjoy vegetables all that much because he had a policy, "I don't eat the food of my food."
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I usually eat some form of meat once a day. Usually, it's the lunch meat on my sandwich or meat in my soup. I never buy meat besides lunch meat or bits of meat that come with a restaurant meal (like I never buy ground beef or chicken breasts from the grocery store). I don't eat any meat I call processed (ground beef, hot dogs, hamburgers, sausage, etc) b/c it grosses me out.

My entire extended family hunts whitetail deer like nobody's business. The tradition started years ago, after my grandpa's fourth major heart attack. The dr. said if he didn't want to give up meat, he had to switch to something lean. Venison is perfect, and from a single deer that costs say $15 for the lisence, we can eat healthy, lean red meat once a week. Given that everyone hunts, we have plenty of venison to go around. I kind of like that this is how we get most of our meat. I'm not a vegetarian and don't have issues with eating animals, but I don't like the way some farm animals are raised (not so much that they are raised to die, but that they are kept in such unhealthy and depressing conditions). The deer we hunt are extremely regulated DNR, not to mention that the land we hunt on has even stricter rules imposed by the owner (for example, no bucks younger than 6 points). They've been raised on their own and not in some fithly farm stall where they've never so much as seen the light of day.

When I'm with the extended family, we also have fish, wild turkey, and duck that the relatives have from hunting.

One of my favorites is smoked salmon, which is soooooo bad for you but I loooove it! My dad catches a salmon and smokes it for me for m birthday each year

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