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Originally posted by Abomb-baby
So are you trying to tell me that Cheney should go to jail for accidentally shooting his friend. Sorry, but that is total shite. If you were out hunting and ACCIDENTALLY shot your friend, you wouldn't go to jail. I know you all think this is some sort of executive privelidge, but it isn't. Read the report on the smoking gun.You people amaze me. This forum is called free your mind, but all you do here is bash the administration and then pat one another on the back. Then when someone actually dissents from the status quo opinion, you beat them down into submission. This forum is a joke....
was'nt he un-licenced at the time....isn't that like.....AGAINST THE LAW!

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He won't go to jail. Especially if he has Ted Kennedy's lawyer.

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Originally posted by Irvine511

and now, in light of the fact that Cheney *may* have been drinking, does your opinion of the matter change at all? as a serious hunter, you must be aware of the dangers of mixing alcohol and firearms.

Yes that would probably change things, but that is an allegation that would need to be proven. It also depends on when any alleged drinking took place and how much. I mean, if he had 1 beer an hour before the hunt, that wouldn't make a difference. 4 beers before the hunt...well, that would obviously make a difference.
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I don't think a man that age w/ a heart condition should be consuming any alcohol before he will be firing a weapon-especially a man who is VP of the US.

Cheney said he drank a beer with lunch the day of the shooting, according to his interview. The shooting took place about 5:50 p.m.

Armstrong had previously told CNN that she never saw Cheney or Whittington "drink at all on the day of the shooting until after the accident occurred, when the vice president fixed himself a cocktail back at the house."

Lee Anne McBride of Cheney's office referred CNN to a statement from the Kenedy County Sheriff's Office Monday, which said that the investigation "reveals that there was no alcohol or misconduct involved in the incident."
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Originally posted by Abomb-baby
So are you trying to tell me that Cheney should go to jail for accidentally shooting his friend.
Uh, isn't it a crime to shoot people, even if it's an accident and even if it's your friend?
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Originally posted by Axver

Uh, isn't it a crime to shoot people, even if it's an accident and even if it's your friend?
The friend part is irrelevent for this analysis.

The accident (i.e., the facts) will determine if there is any criminal aspect to the case.

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