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Old 01-05-2007, 02:48 PM   #16
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Re: Hot cross buns already! WTF!

Originally posted by fly so high!
I mean for shitsake....the poor Boy was only born a few days ago and now they are crucifying Him already!
Ha ha haaaaa! That gave me a good laugh.

So is the story behind candy canes true, or just an attempt to turn something secular into something sacred?

I'd never heard anyone mention it until the past few years, but if you turn a candy cane upside-down, it's a "J" for Jesus.

I'm not sure whether a or is more appropriate here.


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Candy cane to be a "J" for Jesus is as hilarious as all this 23 thingy about the Iluminati, where people come up with the craziest maths and play-with-figures' only to make it be a 23.

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Well, I feel a little better knowing I'm apparently not the only American who was in the dark about hot cross buns...I'm sort of getting the picture they're universal in the Commonwealth countries, but a more spottily observed tradition here. I just remembered one bakery type thing I do always see in the supermarkets here around Easter though, which is these Polish doughnuts called paczki. But my guess is those are probably limited to regions with lots of Polish-Americans. Oh, and also lamb-shaped cakes with coconut "wool" and jelly-bean eyes, which are cute in a cloying sort of way.

This kind of market-driven holiday "creep" seems to happen in a lot of countries though, for example we're at the point here now where Halloween effectively heralds the beginning of the Christmas season. And depressing new bastardizations of various holiday traditions keep getting dreamed up all the time, like for example we now have these "Santa countdown calendars" based on the idea of Advent calendars, only in this case the kiddies get a little "teaser" present for each of the 24 days before Christmas, as if all the crap they'll get at Christmas weren't enough already. In general, Easter seems to have not been hypermarketized quite as badly as Christmas though.
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My mom always made hot cross buns so good when they're actually hot out of the oven.

Never had the kind in supermarkets, at that point isn't it just like any other pastry?
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Re: Hot cross buns already! WTF!

Originally posted by fly so high!
I mean for shitsake....the poor Boy was only born a few days ago and now they are crucifying Him already!
Kids grow up so fast these days.

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Old 01-08-2007, 08:21 AM   #21
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yeah, i noticed the woman in front of me in the line at the checkout had them in her trolley! I couldn't believe it - especially as that supermarket hasn't even sold all of its discounted christmas food yet!
I didn't realise that hot cross buns weren't a worldwide thing tho - i guess i just assumed they were a custom in all christian countries.
I do LOVE hot cross buns - but i think I'll finish off the christmas cake and pudding that I've got in the cupboard first.
...Come to think of it - I think I've still got hot cross buns from LAST Easter in the freezer
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Originally posted by snowbunny00774
Easter Mince pies, wow, that Mr Kipling does know how to rake it in...

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