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Old 04-05-2006, 12:38 PM   #16
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I was solicited as an early teen as well...didn't have the wits about me to call the cops. I just ended up blocking the people and staying away from the internet for awhile. Creeps

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Makes me feel REAL safe with that type of person guarding the Homeland - what an Ass-Clown!!!

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and what an idiot!
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Originally posted by Headache in a Suitcase

well it really has nothing to do with him being a higher up... plenty of janitors and toilet scrubbers get caught doing this type of shit, too. perverts know no class system.
Oh I know that. Don't these perverts realize that they are going to get caught? Do they watch the news? How can they believe that they can get away with this stuff.

And this homeland security guy just tells "the little kid" that he works for the gov't? Did he think just because he worked for homeland security that he would get away with it and noone would believe the other person?

God this makes me so aggravated that we have these kinds of people around.
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Dateline on NBC about a month or so ago did a whole episode on online child predators. The sting was down in Southern California. They busted a guy there that was also a fed. gov't official. It is all sick and very disturbing. My 12 yr old niece has an AIM acct. She saved her login information on my computer. I am tempted to go on there and start monitoring her contacts.
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While this kind of stuff is certainly disturbing, what worries me more as a parent is the prospect of some creep online who wouldn't "make no bones about what they're after," as Dave put it, but instead pretends to be another kid, or some "friendly" adult, who just wants to meet up, or exchange pictures etc., for some innocuous reason. It's different from teaching your kids not to get into some "friendly" stranger's car, because people you meet online just don't seem like "strangers" once you've interacted with them enough. We've already had some talks with our oldest son, who will soon be old enough to enjoy interacting with other kids online, about keeping in mind that no matter how appealing they may sound, you can never really be sure if people you meet online are who and what they say they are. And for sure that just like with any "real-world" people he knows, familiarity should never be a reason to play along with anything that makes him feel uncomfortable online.

I know it doesn't happen often, but it's still a scary thing, and certainly not something I ever had to think about growing up. Children are so trusting--their self-protective instincts generally don't kick in until something that actually frightens them happens, and sometimes that's too late. Which means it's up to parents to anticipate all the scenarios that could happen, and drill it into their heads until you're confident that they'd instinctively know what to do based on that. And it seems like those scenarios just keep multiplying all the time.
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This is beyond disturbing.

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