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Well, here it is...makes you think about yourselves and your own retroviruses.

HIV is cured by Methylation

This is the link to the BBC story on children used in AIDS drug experiments
New York's HIV experiment

This was the original, I will warn you about the images, don’t look if you’ve just eaten or you are squeamish, just read the BBC one.

“Abandoned kids are force-fed experimental AIDS drugs at a Catholic children's home in Washington Heights.”
Orphans on Trial

This is why I care about how Bono is being misled, the drug Nevirapine which causes the skin to fall off should never have been allowed onto the market. There were even whistle blower’s.

“Federal officials involved in a U.S.-funded study in Uganda endangered the lives of hundreds of patients testing an AIDS drug because of careless and negligent research practices, a government whistleblower said Tuesday.
Dr. Jonathan Fishbein said officials at the National Institutes of Health overlooked safety problems with the drug, which was being used to protect babies in Africa from HIV infection during birth.
The consequences of their failure "have grave and sometimes fatal implications for the lives of real patients," Fishbein said at a hearing before a panel of scientists from the independent Institute of Medicine.
The hearing marked Fishbein's first public testimony since a series of articles by The Associated Press detailing problems with the project.
Fishbein, who is fighting a decision by NIH to fire him, is one of several employees at the government's premier health research agency to question the Uganda study. It involved giving the AIDS drug, nevirapine, to pregnant women to prevent HIV transmission to their babies.”
Whistleblower Says U.S. Bungled AIDS Study Jan 4 2005,2933,143300,00.html

Meanwhile Bono is working hard to get the drug into Africa, no one told him, I’m a U2 fan and I will try.

“Dressed casually in T-shirt and black jacket, Bono was soft-spoken and deferred attention to the doctors.
Agnes Nyamayarwo, a Kenyan nurse living with HIV whose 6 1/2-year-old son and husband were killed by AIDS, told the forum that she remained optimistic.
"I feel that my dream one day will come true," Nyamayarwo said. "And my dream is a world without AIDS."
In 2001, more than 2.5 million of 26 million pregnant women in Africa were HIV positive, according to the Global Health Council. Two doses of the drug Nevirapine - costing about $1 - could prevent many of their children from getting HIV, said Dr. Nils Daulaire, president and CEO of the Global Health Council.
Daulaire proposed raising the amount of U.S. HIV-related foreign aid to $2.5 billion next year, up from the $1 billion spent this year.
"That much could be well and effectively spent," he said.
Frist, the Senate's only physician, said he unsuccessfully pushed in Congress last term for a $500 million increase in AIDS spending but was optimistic about the future.”
Bono, senator speak on fighting HIV virus in Africa

The reason government go along with drug distribution is because they get so many party donations from drug companies, the Democrats in America do as well, I’m not interested in picking or choosing between them on this issue.

Pharmaceutical donations in 2000 up a fifth over
previous 5 years combined; lobbying up 78%
“On Tuesday night, the delegates will join those from a half-dozen other states at a party in the Hard Rock Cafe. The sponsors include Pfizer and its pharmaceutical rival, Glaxo Wellcome Inc.”
Going Backwards:
Corporate Cash Fuels Parties At Conventions

Pfizer - $1,051,225
Bristol-Myers Squibb - $848,556
Glaxo-Wellcome - $702,795
New Website Targets Bush Bankrollers

“Investment: $44 million in Drug Company donations to Republicans since 2000
Return: $139 billion in additional Drug Company profits over 8 years
Percent Return: 315,900%
Our Candidate: Why We Love George

Am I allowed to be concerned.
Love yas.

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Hope you're looking, a little quiet?

This is the last of the horror I'll show you, tomorrow I'll show you what can be done to fix things and how to help folk in Africa, I'm actually positive about what can be done, people can be helped cheaply and effectively.

This is from a teenager who gets released from one of the orphanages but only on the condition she takes AIDS drugs, I think she's out and off the drugs now.

“Michelle, the 17-year-old, is one of Mimi's post-ICC kids, who spent six months at ICC in 2004. She is now out of ICC and back in high school. Michelle admits that whenever she can, she weans herself off the drugs.
"When I was on the medication, it was hard. It doesn't make me feel good, and I have to deal with feeling sick and then trying to make it through my eight-hour day."
What happens when you quit?
"The withdrawl period is hard," she said. "I'm tired and I want to sleep all the time."
Michelle has been off the drugs for a few months, and says she feels better and stronger. "It's easier, I don't feel like I used to—12 o'clock comes and I feel hungry, but I don't get sick if I don't eat right away."
Michelle is out of ICC, but she's not free of New York's Drug Adherence program. She is required to attend weekly doctor appointments where her blood is drawn and tested for med levels.
What happens if the doctors decide you're not taking the drugs?
"They put you back in the hospital or in ICC—like that," she said, snapping her fingers. "They always say it's just going to be a short period of time, but it's always a few months—and that's out of my school time."
Michelle explained, "School is everything to me—I just want it out of my way so I can keep moving through life. I want to go to college—and high school is standing in my way"
"So it's comply versus school. Don't comply, and miss out on school. Then it's an extra year you have to do. So, smile and nod and take the pills, and slowly stop, or it's back to square one.
"I'm 17, not 18, and until I'm 18—I can say the sky is blue—and they'll say it's not—and I say 'Yes it is'—but it doesn't make a difference. Three more months," she said, her throat tightening.
"I'm telling you, I can't wait…I can't wait."

This is what I was given out of the University of Queensland library in 1998 and the reason why I’m here, I bothered because I just saw people suffering and kept looking.

“Those who have eyes to see are witnessing genocide-the genocide of gay men. Millions of dollars are now being spent on an international advertising campaign, "Living With HIV", in which gay men and other members of "risk groups" are being told:
Get tested for antibodies to HIV [the alleged "AIDS virus"] -- if you "test positive" you need "medical intervention" which could "put time on your side". The "medical intervention" is AZT (also known as Retrovir and zidovudine), and the campaign is paid for, directly and indirectly, by Burroughs-Wellcome, the manufacturer of AZT.
The campaign consists of a phoney diagnosis followed by a lethal treatment. Already tens of thousands of objectively healthy gay men have been scared and bullied and bamboozled into taking AZT, allegedly in order to "slow the progression to AIDS". Optimism regarding their prognosis would be foolish. Except for the lucky few who stop "treatment" in time, they will die. Death is the expected biochemical consequence of taking AZT, for the fundamental action of the drug is to terminate DNA synthesis, the very life process itself. As Joseph Sonnabend has stated, "AZT is incompatible with life". Without a single benefit demonstrated by honest and competent research, AZT can do nothing but kill.”
HIV Voodoo from Burroughs-Wellcome by John Lauritsen Jan 1991

John Lauritsen, Harvard College AB , is a retired survey research analyst and a full-time writer and publisher, who lives in Dorchester, Massachusetts. He has been active in gay liberation since the summer of 1969 - a member of New York Gay Liberation Front, Gay Activists Alliance, Gay Academic Union, and Columbia University Seminar on Homosexualities. He's written for many publications, including: New York Native, Christopher Street, Gay News (London), The Freethinker (London), SPIN, The Lancet, and Journal of Homosexuality. He is the author of groundbreaking books about AIDS, including AZT: Poison by prescription and The AIDS Wars.
AIDS A Death Cult Sept 2004

I want U2 fans to know what I’ve witnessed so I hope you look.
Big hugs.
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What have you truly witnessed?
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i believe you have no clue whatsoever on what this is all about.
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If by 'you' you mean deva station you're entirely right.
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i do indeed
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Ok, where to begin?

First - AZT is NOT a methylating agent, no matter what Google says. the drug's mechanism of action is to inhibit reverse transcriptase and to be incorporated into newly-synthesized viral DNA, terminating viral replication. The first link under a google search for "azt hypermethylation" is a paper that states that when HIV gecomes AZT-resistant, methylation of a specific gene occurs in cells close to death. Neither this paper or any other paper on PubMed claims AZT methylates its patients to death.

Second - The quote "Death is the expected biochemical consequence of taking AZT, for the fundamental action of the drug is to terminate DNA synthesis, the very life process itself" posted earlier was spoken by someone who likely posesses only a remedial knowledge of biochemistry. AZT inhibits HIV reverse transcriptase, which is hardly necessary to "the very life process itself."

Third - The virusmyth website is chock full of outdated information and pseudoscientific babble, but very little fact. For instance, it claims that HIV has never been isolated, which it has. It has been isolated, its enzymes have been isolated, and HIV is associated with people who develop AIDS and not normal people. If that's not evidence, what is?
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