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Originally posted by womanfish

I see you like to post quizzes, so my reply shall be somewhat the same fashion. I will not even go into your ridiculous test questions on every aspect, every council member and a transcript of every word they have ever spoken. I have never said anything about failures of Hans Blix, and no I don't know Kofi Annan's pant size either. I take note of your smugness. but as a rational, intelligent human being, I only expect people to keep themselves informed with some good general knowledge. I don't act like an ass and ask them what "what kind of atmosphere they feel when visiting the UN headquarters".

That said, it is well known of the failures of the UN, some people even speak out bitterly towards them and say they are the cause of horrible human rights atrocities across the globe. I don't think they are the cause, but in many instances have failed to act when they should have.

Here are some cases that I didn't need to visit the UN headquarters to know about. You can tell me how the UN was a succeeded in these instances if you would like. I consider them failures in my opinion.

Congo in 98
Serbia bombings in 99
Sierre Leone - UN troops pulled out of attack on Kabala leaving thousands dead
East Timor - Thousands killed as UN couldn't agree to send troops, Australian troops finally intervened.
Srebenica - Again UN undecided, they pulled peace keeping troops that were already there and that had brought thousands to a save haven. After being pulled by arguing UN - it left the gathered muslims to be slaughtered. Almost 8000 in all.
And of course Somalia - UN troops killed 250 demonstraters. Then of course the bungled mission which turned into a bloody street battle.

I don't doubt that the UN officials aren't well informed. I never said they weren't. But every country has their own agenda, and the way the security council is set up it just doesn't work well to provide help and stability where it is needed and in a timely manner. Again, my opinion.

And "how on earth do I come to the conclusion that Deeps posts are about polling results of the public" Well because they are smart guy. I quote - "Why do the POPULATIONS of over 90% of all other countries in the world not support this war?" He is saying that a majority of the population in over 90% of the countries in the world are against the war. I would imagine you would need polling results to come up with this conclusion. But that's just common sense, something you seem lack.

And just curious. Why would you want to know the difference between 1440 and 1441? 1440 I believe deals with Chechan rebels in Russia and 1440 is about the disarmament and continued non-disarmament of Iraq.

P.S. - U.N. Ambassador Richardson loves Ham and cheese on rye bread for lunch. I know because I am so behind the scenes.
Dear womanfish,

Your whole point in this is that the public is not well-informed. On the other hand, you have just proved that if I met you the street and asked you the questions I have asked you above, I could bet 75% of your answers would be inaccurate.

You don't do your homework on issues, and you pretty much shout along with what is popular at the moment.

Furthermore, you seem to be angry with me, taking into account that in one paragraph, you have said that my questions are ridiculous, you take note of my smugness and you tell me I act like an ass.

I have asked you very straight questions, but I admit you canīt answer them unless you study a little more. I have never said anything about "failures" of Hans Blix either, so I donīt know what youīre talking about.

If you "expect people to keep themselves informed with good, general knowledge", I ask you what this "good general knowledge" bases upon.

Most of the answers can be found online and therefore I may consider them as "good, general knowledge".

In one of your later posts you say

"countries are going to sit around and debate and argue, and if they do put a resolution together, some will back it up, it seems like most won't. And then filter all of that down through the 5 members of the security council with veto power and it's made even more difficult."

womanfish, thats the whole point about it. How could a decision by many states be reached as easily as a decision by one, or a few states? You have to note that the United Nations is what the name implies. I think this is a good way of doing politics, yes, you understand me, and I repeat, I think it is a good way to debate and argue and filter it down. International politics are not easy!

This is because they are not made by one state, but by all states. Even Iraq is a member of the United Nations! Every country on this planet earth is, except of the Vatican. Maybe you can understand that I respect such a political body, where all the states come together. Maybe you canīt, and you will continue to talk about the size of pants, which makes you really weird.

It is fascinating that the United Nations is not a world government, its actions are highly dependent on the political line of each member state.

"I don't blame them so much as just doubt what good they are really able to do". Do you speak about the Security Council, or about the United Nations?

If you speak about the Security Council, I agree that a very careful reform could make the decision process more effective. Anyhow, the original sense of the five permanent members, is that the superpowers of the world all have to agree about an upcoming war. Those principles was created shortly after WW II, in order to avoid a third world war. But anyhow, times have changed, and I personally donīt see a reason why countries like India, with population over 1 bil, shouldnīt get a permanent seat.

If you speak about the United Nations and "what they are able to do", I would advise you to take a look at the UNDP, UNIDO, UNICEF, say, specialized agencies within the UN system. I donīt know though, if you care, if I consider the inappropriate, disrespectful tone of your reply to my post above.

FYM, womanfish! Thereīs not much work to do. You could simply go to


for a start.

Furthermore, I expect you to reply without insults like "thats just common sense, something you seem to lack". If I get answers in that style again, I will just ignore you in the future, and not waste my time.



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Zootvgrrl, we'd prefer spin off threads dont get posted in here, I understand you may not know that.
womanfish, are you trying to cause trouble?
Its all about how you say it, not what you say, you know.

This has had enough yes?

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