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As Americans celebrate the blessings God has showered upon our nation, we must also harken to the sobering words of U2 (which are no doubt lifted from the Bible):

And kingdoms rise
And kingdoms fall
But you go on...

Enjoy and appreciate what you have now...it may not be around forever.

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Originally posted by Achtung Bubba
The telephone, light bulb, automobile, airplane, and computer have ALL come from the ingenious minds and hands of Americans. In less than two hundred years, a country that started as a loosely knit band of Atlantic coast states managed to land human beings on the MOON.
The telephone was invented by a Scottish born Canadian - Alexander Graham Bell. Even if you accept that Reis originally came up with the concept, he's still German, not American.

Sorry, but Bell's kinda big up here in the great North, , and I couldn't let this go.

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I suppose I stand corrected, but the United States has at least a partial share in the invention of the telephone.

From alexandergrahambell.org/:

In 1872 he took up his residence in the United States, introducing with success his father's system of deaf-mute instruction, and became professor of vocal physiology in Boston University. He had been interested for many years in the transmission of sound by electricity, and had devised many forms of apparatus for the purpose, but the first public exhibition of his invention was at Philadelphia in 1876. Its complete success has made him wealthy. His invention of the "photophone," in which a vibratory beam of light is substituted for a wire in conveying speech, has also attracted much attention, but has never been practically used. It was first described by him before the American association for the advancement of science in Boston, 27 August 1880.


Bell always said that the telephone was conceived in Brantford, Ontario and born in Boston, Massachusetts.

At any rate, the fact remains that many of the greatest inventions of the last two centuries were the handiwork of Americans. Many other inventors, scientists, and artists worked with their American contemporaries. Even Albert Einstein, who did the bulk of his work in Europe, died as an American.
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Originally posted by Achtung Bubba
Even Albert Einstein, who did the bulk of his work in Europe, died as an American.
If USA don't remain what it is in a thousand years, this is in my opinion for what it will be remembered, as the place where it was FREE TO THINK, TO CREATE AND TO BELIEVE, specially in times when people were persecuted for this in other parts of the world, lets hope America never lose the hability to allow diversity.

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