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I for one can see what Irvine is saying, and, truthfully, the quotation really makes it very easy for anyone to interpret it in such a manner.

Also, I disagree that he should bring God into the whole argument really. Of course, its his right and prerogative to state his own opinion, and he's entitled to it, of course, but I think that there are too many people going around and talking about their relationship with God in dark times such as these.

Its just my opinion, of course. All I'm saying is that I wouldn't have said that a president needs to have a relationship with the Lord or anything that could be interpreted in such a manner. I just think that its not really the wisest thing to say.


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Irvine, you know I respect you like a brotha from anotha motha, but I think you're splitting hairs on a bald head here. The phrase "On the other hand" is a transitional phrase into his own personal opinion, not a set up to a contradictory statement. I see how you're reading it, but I don't think that's how he meant it or even how most people would take it. The phrase "at least from my perspective" is the key here. It's a personal opinion. He's talking from his own experience, his own perspective. He has every right to do that. If anything, he's sharing his faith, but he's not saying every president must be a Christian. He says "I don't see how YOU can be president..." meaning "I don't see how one can be president," or "someone can be president." That's a general statement from his own experience.
Of course, after reading this, you'll probably still have your stance and I'll have mine.
In the end, we just wasted a day dissecting a statement from the least eloquent president ever.

Hey Ant., how can people talking about their relationship with God during dark times be a bad thing?

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Originally posted by Dreadsox

Born again Christians have distorted Christianity?
Personally, I think anyone who wants to argue one way or the other about Bush's religious views has a long road to hoe. The man is maddeningly vague about what his religious views actually are. He's constantly talking in cryptic phrases and evangelical codewords but he never says anything more substantial or reflective than that.
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Originally posted by Dreadsox

Interesting....Lord to me is God.....
No disrespect intended, but Irvine is making quite a few assumptions.

1. He is assuming that if W meant "God", he'd had said "God" and not "Lord". Now, I don't know W personally, blmost every Christian I know uses God and Lord interchangeably.

2. He is assuming that W's opinion is that he feels he thinks a belief in God is a requirement to be President, and he is not referring to his faith as his support structure.

Huge assumptions in both cases, neither of which I believe is what W intended.
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Um, I hope no one minds that I'm going to close this one has been abusive or anything, but I just think we're at a point where we're splitting some serious hairs (e.g. the "you" argument on the previous page), and I think we're all going to have to agree to disagree on this one.

The arguments have been made, and there have been some good ones, and I'm not pinning this on anyone or yelling about anything. Like I said, I just think we've come to the end of the productive road.

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