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Old 09-09-2004, 05:58 PM   #16
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We loose our free will but we are given a sort of blissfull ignorance about it, so much so we don't even care.

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Originally posted by starsgoblue

You guys aren't understanding my point....I was asking as if we had never been born with free will, not that it was something that one could take from another....that we all had just not been born with it period. Now do you understand what I'm asking?
Now yes, lol. Sorry I took your other reply at face value.

In this case though if we were born without it, we'd be the same as any other animal species. We'd hunt for food, perhaps fight with each other but not from ego but for self preservation, and if times were tough like they can be for some species with weather etc, then we might face starvation. But this is assuming we then lose our ability to rationalise along with our free will. Which at the moment is what I think seperates us from other species anyway.

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actually, if anyone has read brave new world by aldous huxley, it seems to me that there is an example of a "functioning society" where everyone lacks free will, yet there is no "hunting for food" and no one is fighting for self preservation. actually, as in the original post, the people in this world are happier, healthier, and safer than a "free-will" world.

this being said, anyone who has any inkling of free will cannot survive in this world. once you gain knowledge of it, essentially it becomes a necessity of human life.
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Lol, thank you Angela I was doing this over here --->

I agree with shrmn; once you find it you can't live without it
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Re: Greatest enemy of mankind is free will?

Originally posted by A_Wanderer

Given the history of mankind is our greatest enemy our free will, could everybody lead happier lives if they did not have control or make choices?

A lot of people don't believe in "free will" (myself included). I believe there is a very distinct difference between freedom and freedom of the will. But this is all religious so I'll shut my trap now.
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Old 09-11-2004, 12:33 PM   #21
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it seems to me like this is cliche to bring up, but could a matrix paralel also be drawn? i mean inside the matrix, people really don't have free will, everything is ultimately controlled my an external architect. yet, the people function as they always have, not even realizing that their "free will" is an illusion.

yet, when shown true reality, a reality where the can make decisions, and impact their life and the world around them, most make the choice to live in that world.

so, by looking at the matrix, we see that a world without free will is peaceful, orderly, normal, and comfortable. but, even so, most people who become aware of this lack of freedom (of the will) make the choice to leave their peace and comfort for a world of war, hunger, and general uncomfortableness.

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