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GREAT article aobut the insurgency....(long)

Great to read about the War forum being closed, as I was going to post this link there.

Since my most recent attempt to post a link went awry yesterday, let me post info instead.

A Time correspondant seems to have (GOD knows how) some extensive info about the inner workings of the insurgency in Iraq. Probably the best article you're going to read about the insurgency in a while.

Since my links always seem to foul up, it seems, here's instead HOW to get to the interview.

There are 2 ways:

1)--Go to the site (the same site I listed for the report on the Dublin riot Teusday...that article had a pic of the debris on O'Connell street in the aftermath..this is the site I link to for all for foreign news..FANTASTIC site!). --
--On the home page, click on "Black Flag Cafe"
--On the black page, click on same
--Look for thread with "Time..insurgents" in the title (forgot what the thread title is)

OR: 2)--Go to
--Type "Frontline" in Search box
--Click on "The Insurgency"
--Click on the TOP "Interviews" box (there are 2)
--Scroll down to Micheal's his interview.

I wish someone could post it directly, but maybe it's too much to do. Hope someone takes this post request seriously. I haven't been posting on here in a while. I KNOW you guys don't miss me.

It's a very long interview, a real must-read, otherwise I wouldn't take the trouble to "bug ya" again.


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It's really too long to post the entire text but here is a link.

yolland [at]

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Thanks for the link.....I believe Mr. Ware also writes for Time Magazine....I've been reading quite a bit lately about Iraq.....

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Re: reply

Originally posted by wizard2c
Thanks for the link.....I believe Mr. Ware also writes for Time Magazine....I've been reading quite a bit lately about Iraq.....

Take everything Mr. Ware says with a grain of salt. His article does not explain why the insurgency has failed to grow any since April 2004, the month that saw the highest casualties for US forces in the war. It also does not explain why US casualties have dropped for 5 consecutive months to the lowest level they have been in the war to date. Prior to that time, the US casualty rate had only seen a few periods of where there was 2 month drops, before going back up again.

The insurgency is contained to primarily 4 provinces. The South and many Kurdish area's in the North do not have anywhere near the level of violence that is seen in the 4 majority Sunni provinces. His bias is obvious when he describes the Bush adminsitration as a "mid-wife" to the next generation of Al Quada. Somehow, the American presence in Afghanistan does not inspire muslims all over the middle east to join Al Quada, but the US presence in Iraq does? Sure Mr. Ware.
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