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Originally posted by BonosSaint
Thanks. Basically I was thinking out loud or thinking in prose about the role of the preconscious/subconscious. Just amusing myself. It's a subject that interests me but I haven't done much reading on it, just some observation.

I follow the brain and mind being the same--I was just using mind as the conscious state. The subconscious seems to be the information organizer/problem solver. Deep subconscious and shallower subconscious ("it was on the tip of my tongue") much
closer to the conscious level. I'm always fascinated how all this works together in the human machine, the flow of it.
I agree, it really IS a fascinating area.

When I stated "I don't really think of preconsciousness belonging to either the brain or the mind, to me, they're one and the same, it's all just a continuum of consciousness within the brain," I should have also said that there are many philosopher-types who disagree with me. A great deal of the time, I can't make head nor tail of what they're on about.

I once signed up for a very in demand honours seminar series about the history of psychology, thinking that we'd be studying the way the field has evolved through time by looking at major figures and the development of their theories. Boy, was I wrong. 90% of it was mind-numbingly boring philosophical stances, from ancient times to present day. Ick. I left the room every week looking like this ----> So yeah, the philosophical end of things is not my forte, and hopefully A_Wanderer will expand on what I've said.

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I can sympathize with boredom with the philosophical end. I like my philosophy in other fields. But I'm fascinated by the nuts and bolts aspects of it and its eccentricies.

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