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Old 02-27-2008, 08:18 AM   #166
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i think snowlock is feeling unloved.


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Cyber group-hug everyone!
We should probably all hold hands and sing "He Ain't Heavy (He's My Brother)" since that's all us nutty liberals are good for.

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Originally posted by U2isthebest
Cyber group-hug everyone!
We should probably all hold hands and sing "He Ain't Heavy (He's My Brother)" since that's all us nutty liberals are good for.

Yep, all a bunch of tree-hugging hippies with no substance to anything we say...
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Originally posted by Snowlock

Oh give me a break. You want to play a race card or a feminist card or whatever, that's pathetic and shows how little substance there are to your beliefs. Just because she's female doesn't mean the b-word can't be used. And if you're equating the word bitch to n*gger, I'd love for you to test that theory out on some African Americans, male or female.

But fine, I'll play by your rules... she's a collosal freakin jerk. It's well known and well documented and if ol' Bill was here he'd tell you himself. It's why she is losing. So get over it.

And yeah, if you tell someone to fuck off, that's personal. Every time. Just once I'd love to see SOME of you liberals, who believe in freedom of speach, of respecting other peoples point of view actually put substance to your words. You can call conservatives evil, corrupt or greedy, but generally, we're not fucking hyppocrites which in so many cases highlighted daily by you Irvine and some, not all, but too frickin' many of the people who think like you do.

Sorry for the bump on this topic but I was out of town and no way am I going to let someone play a race card on me. No fucking way. If you had any class at all Irv, you should try employing it now. As I've said before, you're overwhelmed. Get out to the real world, your imaginary one is pathetic.

erm, you say i have no substance, but you've called Hillary a "bitch" and a "jerk" and ... that's it? really? are you trying to embarass yourself?

i'm sorry you're so consistently outsmarted in here. i really am. mostly because when you get defensive you resort to name calling, and you challenge people's real world experience, or some other personal insult, and it bogs the thread down, and you get into little pissing matches, and most of us just ignore you, but there are times when you've got to be called out on your shit. and now is one of them.

if you had any idea where i was right at this moment, or what i was doing, or what i spend my days doing, you'd know just how foolish you are.

but you don't. and i'll over look that.

and i will, each and every time, as i have done in the past, and as others do as well, take your simplistic, nasty, mean-spirited "arguments" apart, bit by bit, piece by piece, and expose the naked, scared little child that has to hid behind words like "bitch" when he realizes that he really has nothing productive to add.

it's personal now.

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