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Originally posted by Harry Vest
America seems doomed.
I beleive certain people may be right when they say that the American Evangelical Right Wing Church could indeed be the forces of "AntiChrist" and that soon America will become a Theocratic state which will rule the earth with an iron fist. Sad indeed. Not to mention scary.
You mean we don't already rule the earth?


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Originally posted by Teta040
As someone who went to a Catholic girl's high school and wore a uniform for 5 years, (my family isn't Catholic but they thought it a good idea to enroll me because of the high academic rep of the place, and its connections to the local people of power), I can personally say that wearing a uniform does not positively affect a student's morality. In fact, just the reverse. The rigorous enforcing of moral codes in school only leads to a more spontaneous desire to refute those morals once the kids are out the doors. It's the old story of Rebellion. The smell of pot was just as strong outside the convenience store down the block from the school as any other one would be, and I used to see students with their uniforms still on smoking it as well as any public schooler. Every one of the parties I went to, and most from what I heard tell of the ones I didn't, were the typical raunchy drunken debauch, esp since most of these girl's parents were among the local elite and could afford a lot of alcohol when their daddies were away. This was a posh place, not just a Catholic school. I personally knew 2 girls who got pregnant in their 2nd and 3rd year and were, of course, suspended. Uniforms may be a good idea, you think, but they can have adverse results too.

Yours Truly was already 1) in the process of becoming a Christains by that point and 2) a longtime U2 fan, so the consumption of booze was minimal. But I can say that wearning a uniform? I hated it. What I hated was the way students lost thier individuality, and everyone wa forced to think and act like clones. If students were allowed to wear street clothes but the dress code was severe AND rigidly enforced--as much so as it would be if your job had a dress code and you came to work violating it, you'd be sent home--some results might come of it.
I go to an all-girls catholic school. I wear a uniform and I really don't mind it that much. But hey, to each their own.

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