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Originally posted by TheU2:

What's so funny?

i just perceive it to be such a baseless and stupid observation that you have made that i have to laugh. it's ridiculous.
you seek to come to conclusions about things that are wholly based on something that we have all concluded is a stereotype-well any conclusion reached will be colored by that stereotype and thus, meaningless.

i'm gonna hang around to see if sicy does in fact nail your ass though

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i am trapped in the society page of your magazine

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Originally posted by kobayashi:
i guess so. i'm not even sure i know what the hell we're talking about any more...
you're original example referred to one man as nothing more than an example?
however the general flow of discussion, beginning with my assumption and you're own subsequent examples have referred to the gay community as a whole?
i'm i correct in saying that?
The original example was put out there merely to get people to agree that there exists "gay" voice. I'm sure you have met a person and not knowing their sexual preference concluded that they might be gay. After that example was established, I proposed a question, "Is that "voice" learned or is itinstincual or a product of their chemical makeup?"

I admit that the discussion did go onto other tangents, such as do gay men act, dress, talk in a certain way to let people know that they are gay. I cannot define the "gay" act (other than the obvious) or the "gay" wardrobe. The strongest identifier, other than being out right informed that a person is gay, is if they have the "gay" voice. Of course this only leads you to mildly suspect one is gay since there are gay men who don't have this "voice" and there are straight men who do. If you look at my previous posts, I made a semi-arguement that this "voice" has evolved so that gay men can identify one another. I'm not really sure if I totally buy any of this. I just wanted others opinions on the matter.

I refer to the whole population when I argue that there exists a higher % of gay men who have this "voice" than are straight men who have this "voice".


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You're pissing me off. All I said was that I was also curious to the answer to your question as well BUT you know I TOLD you the thread is offensive. AND I would not post about it but rather ask someone in private. Also, you should not be discussing what we talk about in private on the forum.

Dont be a fucking ass.

You're possible banishment is indeed getting stronger.

Take me off your AIM list.

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