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Old 07-23-2006, 02:02 PM   #16
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Iraq War
I'm sorry the U.S.A. underestimated the Iraqi terror groups. The war should have ended as soon as Saddam Hussein was caught. I deeply regret the loss of life but I'm not sorry Saddam Hussein was removed from power.

* Religion (those that have those that don't)
I have a very strong belief in G-d that has sustained me through many personal crisis and is sustaining me now with everything that is going on around me.
As part of my religious beliefs, I eat only Kosher food, I don't drive on the Sabbath, I fast on Yom Kippur and go to synagogue during the high holy holidays.
I believe that G-d is merciful and kind and, like a parent, punishes and rewards us. We don't always understand His ways....but we're not supposed to.

* Abortion
I am pro-choice. A woman should have the right to bear children or not.

* Stem Cell Research
I don't know enough about it to form an opinion but I believe it is used to cure paralysis - is that right?

* Gay Marriage/Rights
Ironically, just this week one of my favorite singer/songwriters (Darren Hayes - ex singer of Savage Garden) came out and announced his marriage to his life partner in London. While my religion is against homosexuality, I personally have no problem with it. I would rather see a loving same-sex couple than a hetro couple that abuse and cheat on each other.
I don't believe that gay unions should come under the definition of "marriage" but I DO believe that they should be granted some rights as to adoption, inheritance, insurance benefits, etc.

* Death Penalty
I am for the death penalty in cases of child rape and murder (like Jessica Lunsford).

* Gun Control
The 4th amendment to the constitution was drafted so the citizenry would have the right to defend themselves against attackers.
200 years later, millions of people have died senselessly because of the ease of purchasing guns. The right to bear arms doesn't include the right to kill people for no reason.

* Israel conflict
I don't know where to start. The only thing I can say is that I wish you could all come here and try living here for one month. I'm sure that whatever view you may have of us will be drastically changed. We are an oasis of sanity in a desert of madness.

* Political Views
My views are dove-ish. I am a woman of peace and I have a very strong sense of justice. However, if provoked or attacked I will lash out at my enemies with all my strength in order to protect my loved ones.

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*Iraq War

STUPID thing to do. No reason, sure things sucked over there but now it's worse. Total waste of American money and lives. People in Iraq were dying, now more, and different people are dying. HUGE Pandora's box. Will go down in history as one of the lamest things ever.

* Religion (those that have those that don't)

I consider myself a generic Judeo/Christian, I agree with Bono that organized religion is what happens when God leaves the room. I especially dislike the way most American protestant denominations operate, they seem to make up their own rules to suit what their members want to hear so they'll keep giving money. One church in my town put up a sign that looks like bank's. They bought 8 neighboring houses at a cost of $3million not to help the homeless or battered women, but to tear down to enlarge the church and parking lot. This is a disgrace IMO.

I feel anyone should be able to believe whatever they want, as long as their beliefs don't go telling them to kill other people for glory, or that it's okay to abuse your child, or your wife or sister. I don't think calling that a religious belief should get people off the hook.

* Abortion

I am strongly opposed to the unborn being killed for reasons of selfishness, greed, convenience only. I don't think it should be legal to kill a normal, healthy baby at any time of gestation just because you 'choose' to. I can't justify anyone having a 'right' to do that more than having a 'right' to any other kind of killing. And don't tell me it's not alive. If it's not alive, you wouldn't have to kill it.

exceptions should only be PROVEN rape, incest, threat to life of mother, extreme deformity or genetic disease which would only cause the child to live a life of pain, or die anyway.

Partial birth method is sick and barbaric and should be completely banned.

* Stem Cell Research

I don't mind them using the frozen embryos that would be destroyed anyway, but I don't want it to reach a point where poor women are selling their eggs on the street for money. All a guy has to do is whack off into a jar, a girl has to have hormone treatments and invasive procedures, and repeated ones are damaging to her health. If it became so common they were just playing around with them and tossing them, I consider that a bit Hiterish or Frankensteinlike and that's disturbing. I think the best thing to do is to start a system where all new mothers should donate the stem cells from their baby's umbilical chord to be used on patients with matching blood types. These are the most potent cells, and they aren't hurting anybody or using potential human beings as experiments.

* Gay Marriage/Rights

I really don't give a damn who marries who. I can't see a gay couple getting married is any more damaging to the institution than something like Britney Spears did in Las Vegas. Makes no never mind to me.

* Death Penalty

For in cases of mass murderers or those who have done something heinous like raping, murdering and dismembering a child. These people do not deserve to live, they have given that up by taking the lives of others. Note I am not pro life, I am anti abortion, and pro death penalty depending on the situation. Of course it should always be proven they have the right guy before they are executed.

* Gun Control

Against. The government should never take away someone's gun, this is a dangerous thing. Besides, gun control doesn't stop criminals, they always get them anyway. It's not right to take away the right of the average citizen to defend themselves if they so choose. BTW I am not a sportsman, I oppose hunting, I just don't like the idea of the population being disarmed against their will.

* Israel conflict

I am older than some of you and I recall that the Israel/Beirut stuff has been going on for years, there's just been a lull the last 20 years so you young folk don't know how common it was to see this. I don't think it's going to start a world war. It's not a good thing, but it's not the end of the world. I personally have never blamed Israel for going after terrorists, and perhaps if they had been allowed to succeed years ago we wouldn't have the problems we have today, or even 9-11.

* Political Views

I have one more I want to bring up- legalizing drugs. YES. It's time to stop making criminals out of people with problems. Give them rehab, not jail. As for the dealers, are they any different than the mobs of the prohibition days? If something is illegal there will be a black market for it. Legalize it, regulate it, you stop that whole culture, and save people getting gunned down. It's just like what happened with booze in the 20's, and prohibition was lifted. I am especially in favor of legalizing pot. I don't use it, haven't had a toke in years, never liked it, but can't see how it's any worse than booze. Every time I go to traffic court half the people there get locked up for having had a roach in their ashtray. Sometimes I think the only reason it remains illegal is so the lawyers can get the job to defend the them and the localities can get the money for the fines. No need to throw them in jail. And help addicts, don't prosecute them.

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Most of you know my stance on most issues, so I'll only mention the few that you guys might not know.

*Death Penalty - I am against it, but not for the reason many of you are. I am not concerned with the lives of the rapists, child molesters and murderers. If it can be proven 100% without a doubt that someone did one of those, I say "let `em hang". However, I am against the death penalty for the same reason I am against abortion; because I am concerned about [i]innocent[/] lives. People are executed wrongly in our court system; if there is one innocent life lost because of the death penalty, I am against the death penalty completely.

*Gun Control - I do not support gun control. I believe the right to self defense is one of the greatest rights our people have been given.

*Israel Conflict: I support Israel. Almost every nation in that region wants to obliterate them form the face of the earth; I support their right to defend themselves.
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Iraq War - I thought it was a bad idea from the beginning, and a criminally stupid idea once it was revealed there really weren't any WMDs.

Religion - I was raised Roman Catholic. I still go to Mass (almost) every Sunday, but I'm very conflicted about it because my beliefs on issues like contraception, gays and the ordination of women are more liberal than what the church teaches.

Death penalty - I'm against it.

Stem cell research - I don't know enough about it.

Israel/Palestinian conflict - It's extremely complicated, so I don't have a clear answer on this either.

Gun control - I support it.

Abortion - I wouldn't have an abortion myself but I think it should be legal because if it is outlawed I think it will just create an unsafe black market for it for women who are too poor to get one abroad, and that's a scary proposition. I used to think it should be outlawed except for cases of incest, rape or risk to the mother's life, but legally proving the first two in time for the abortion to take place sounds like a judicial nightare waiting to happen.

Gay marriage - I don't care if two people of the same gender want to get married. Churches shouldn't be forced to marry gay people, but if they want to go to the courthouse and have a civil, non-religous ceremony, why should't they?
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Originally posted by Bono's shades
Gay marriage - I don't care if two people of the same gender want to get married. Churches shouldn't be forced to marry gay people, but if they want to go to the courthouse and have a civil, non-religous ceremony, why should't they?
As a footnote to this, I just wanted to add that there are religious denominations that would willfully perform same-sex marriages.

But, as I stated before in my response here, I also do not believe in forcing churches to perform any rite that they do not agree with.

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Old 07-23-2006, 05:33 PM   #21
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Originally posted by melon

As a footnote to this, I just wanted to add that there are religious denominations that would willfully perform same-sex marriages.

But, as I stated before in my response here, I also do not believe in forcing churches to perform any rite that they do not agree with.


As a side note, my dad would have no problems performing a ceremony for a gay couple (though the constitution of our church might tie his hands which would be frustrating). In fact, two of our most active members are a gay couple.
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Old 07-23-2006, 05:41 PM   #22
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Ah so many issues in such a small amount of time. Heres my go:

* Iraq War-
Saddam needed to be removed, but at the same time it is by far the worst planned operation I have witnessed. The US will be there until Bush leaves office and if a decent person follows they may be able to attract an truly international force. Country also needs to be split.

* Religion (those that have those that don't)
Hate it. Brought up Irish Catholic. So sick of all the bullshit. I believe in something but its between me and whatever it is I believe in.

* Abortion
I, like many others, hate abortion but understand it is a neccesary evil in todays world.

* Stem Cell Research
You know I have no idea how anyone in their right mind could say no to the possibilities this could develop into. If the US wants to ban it, fine, the rest of the modern world will go ahead and make billions off of it.

* Gay Marriage/Rights
I have been a feverent supporter of the rights of gay/lesbian people to be equal, in all walks of life.

* Death Penalty
Look, if someone was killed in my family I'd want the person dead. But that is usually the irrational side of people talking, like 80's said if there is even a sliver of a chance that they could be innocent then it should be banned.

* Gun Control
Ah guns, never have I touched a gun in my life. To me its so simple, stop manufacturing guns. Stop selling them, stop making bullets, just stop. You have a gun and dont turn it in, you go to jail, get a fine, whatever, they do far more evil then good. I've lived without a gun all my life, i'm still here.

* Israel conflict
Got into an arguement with my taxi driver last nite, I was pretty drunk. He is from Lebanon, he was defending Hezbollah, that is what pisses me off. I can see the plight of the citizens of Lebanon, but if you are dumb enough to defend hezbollah then i really cant defend you, because you are as bad as the terrorists. He didnt like it when I said this, but oh well, he's got to here it.

* Political Views
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Old 07-23-2006, 08:58 PM   #23
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* Iraq War-
I supported it in the beginning, but now I regret parts of it. I think things could've been done differently. However, I'm glad Saddam and his sons are out of power. Hopefully things will come to an end soon. My prayers are with the people of Iraq, the terrorists and their families, and of course, the U.S. soldiers.

* Religion (those that have those that don't)
I prefer a relationship with Christ over religion. Religion gets in the way of that.

* Abortion
I'm against it. In every case. A heart starts beating 22 days after conception. Many women don't even know they're pregnant by this time. Plus, we're talking about a true respect for life.
"Where you live should not determine whether you live or whether you die."
My wife had an abortion before she met me. It still haunts her, but through Christ, she's been able to work through it and of course, be forgiven. And no, the guilt she felt wasn't religious of any kind, it came strictly from a motherly perspective.

* Stem Cell Research
I'm all for it, but don't use the embronic stem cells. There are other ways. No, I'm not going to give you a stupid presentation like Sen. Brownback.

* Gay Marriage/Rights
First of all, let me say I'm not against homosexuals. I have known and worked with some here and there and I consider them friends. There's some here in FYM I consider to be great people with valuable points of view. (You know who you are.)
This is a tough one for me. My opinion has changed somewhat over time. I used to be hardcore against it, and I'm still against it, but I guess I wrestle with it more.
The problem is I don't believe everyone who claims to be gay, was born that way. I think for some, it's a choice. Plus, I think for others, it's a way they developed because of situations and relationships with their father they went through growing up, or from abuse or neglect they went through. I've heard too many stories from gay people where this is true. I see a pattern, I'm sorry. Are these people evil? Of course not. Personally, I don't see how gay marriage helps these people though, if it's not who they really are. If there are issues to work through, let's not ignore those in the name of gay pride.
Then again, part of me is open to the possiblity that some people are actually born gay. For them, I'm not sure. Maybe I'd be for civil unions or something. The Bible does say homosexuality is wrong, HOWEVER, I don't expect nonChristians to do something because the Bible says so or whatever. Just my opinion.
The problem with all of this, of course, is we can't tell people they are or aren't really gay. I know this.
My SINCERE prayers are with these people and their families as they go through the struggles they face. If they are gay or not, nobody deserves to be treated as less than the next person. As a Christian, I actually consider homosexuality to not be as big of a deal as many others do. If it's a sin, I may not be guilty of it, but I've got plenty of other sins I do deal with. I'm no better than the next person.

* Death Penalty
It's stupid. It's been proven racist, classist and a number of other horrible things. We're dealing with human life here, and a flawed system. Therefore, get rid of it. Plus, with the appeals process added into the equation, it's much more expensive to us all to have the DP.

* Gun Control
Guns are stupid. Get rid of them. Let the police and military have them, but that's it.

* Israel conflict
Hezbollah started it, but I think Israel has gone a little too far. My prayers are for both Lebanon and Israel.

* Political Views
I just try to seek what God's will is. I used to consider myself a Republican because of the abortion issue, but that was stupid. The Democrats are much better with the poor, guns, the environment and a number of other things. "God's Politics," by Jim Wallis, was an eye-opening read for me.
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Originally posted by melon
I find it uncivilized, and have disdain for those who are pro-life when it comes to abortion and are pro-death when it comes to prisoners.
That's a really good point.
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* Iraq War

while democracy is pretty much always a good idea, it matters how democracy arrives. it cannot be delivered with bombs. i don't shed a tear for Saddam, but as someone who was against this war since 2002 and has marched in the streets, not because it was a bad idea, per se, but because the White House is filled with foolish, arrogant, naive, petty men, i knew it was doomed before it even started. that said, the only solution i fear is to internatonalize the occupation and either split Iraq into three states or at least have some sort of semi-tolerable Iraqi populist strongman instill some order. sadly, we've done damage to the country and the region that will last hundreds of years while empowering and emboldening the vastly more dangerous Iranian regime.

* Religion (those that have those that don't)

it's a great source of strength for some, a great way to make hatred and ignorance virtues for others. for me, i don't find much use for it these days, especially organzied religion, as it seems to do much more harm than good. i'm happy for people who's religion makes them happy, though. we need more happy people.

* Abortion

i think abortion is often the worst option, but often it is the only option, and while i might dissuade someone from having one (though i cannot get pregnant nor make anyone pregnant) i firmly believe it must remain legal. women must be in control of when they do and do not get pregnant. i think everyone can view abortion as a tragedy or failure of many circumstances, so let's work to make every pregnancy a wanted pregnancy.

* Stem Cell Research

go science! this is why we have bioethicists. i cannot fathom the logic that views a blastocyst as having the same worth and value as, say, Michael J. Fox.

* Gay Marriage/Rights

100% full rights, responsibilities, and expectations. churches and synagogues and temple can do whatever they want.

* Death Penalty

while i don't shed a tear for most of those who are executed, it seems to me to be wrong on several levels. firstly, the system is fucked, so the innocent go to jail and those with money never face the death penalty. such a final punishment would have to be meted out with 100% accuracy, and that's impossible. i also think that it plays into our basest instincts and elevates revenge over justice. and there's something really warped about trying to show that killing is wrong by killing peoplel

* Gun Control

for strong gun control.

* Israel conflict

insanely complex, and while i support israel's right to exist and to defend itself, i often think it does more harm to itself by defending itself in such a manner as it is doing right now. dead civilians never made anyone safer.

* Political Views

certainly leftist by American standards, though a bit more hawkish than your average European, say, and more libertarian than your average American leftist. can one be a progressive libertarian where the highest value is a vigorous and active social awareness that promotes individual responsibility combined with smart, effective government to solve widespread social problems?
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* Iraq War- was against it but there's not much point in that now. my opinion is that it's a hell of a mess.
* Religion (those that have those that don't)- agnostic
* Abortion- pro-choice to a certain extent although late term abortions make me uncomfortable and I'm still very torn on the issue.
* Stem Cell Research- pro.
* Gay Marriage/Rights- pro...I think everything should be a civil union, gay and straight, people can have their marriage ceremonies in whatever church they like.
* Death Penalty- against although I never quite convince myself to actually feel bad for the murderers. but there's too much chance for error.
* Gun Control- a certain amount. banning guns all together would be pointless at this point though.
* Israel conflict- no clue. of course the response in this particular conflict was disproportionate, but they're responding to much larger, repeated provocations. but it'll only make things worse, anyway.
* Political Views- democrat, I guess. I agree with some conservative economic values, not so much the social.
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Thank you thank you thank you. That wa so interesting to read and although some were 'typical' lines of answers for their thoughts (including me!) but lots of different answers, its great!

I think this is great
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I dunno why I bothered to type my shitty little list, because I agree with every single word Irvine typed.

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Iraq War- used to be for it, now not so much. seems like our troops are just over there to get shot at and blown up.

Religion- against it.

Abortion- pro-choice i guess.

Stem Cell research - absolutely for it. if it can save lives and cure illnesses/injuries then im all for it.

Gay Marriage/Rights - im not gay so what do i care?

Death penalty - for it, although i think of you murdered and butchered several people, getting put to sleep and getting a hot dose is getting off to easy.

Gun control- AGAINST!! i want rocket launchers mounted on my car

Israel Conflict - i think of it this way, if all these arabs and terrorist cells would just lay down their arms and cease fighting, there would be peace in the middle east. if israel layed down their arms and ceased fighting, they would be massacred and pushed into the sea. so i support israel cause everyone around them hates them and they have a right to defend themselves.

Political views - i dont really care about politics too much, but the views i do have tend to be on the extreme side.
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* Iraq War - I go back and forth. I support democracy, but there are so many other motives. At this point, I deeply regret going to war, but I feel like we have to help stablize the country before pulling out (as soon as possible)

* Religion (those that have those that don't) - I am Christian Reformed. I support seperation of church and state. I support freedom, democracy, and individual rights, even though some of these rights are things I'd never do myself.

* Abortion - I would never do it, but I support the right to choose.

* Stem Cell Research - Yes. I've learned recently that most of the cells used for research would have been disposed of anyway, and most of them are not even fertilized. Either way, I support it. I'm undecided on how much the government should be responsible for funding this research though.

* Gay Marriage/Rights - I fully support gay marriage, unions, and equal rights (like recognizing parterns as "spouses" for insurance and such). Like I said, seperation of church and state is important to me. Churches have no business trying to regulate civil unions. If a certain church does not recognize gay marriage, fine, but this should not be reflected by the state.

* Death Penalty - I oppose. As a Christian and a pro-lifer when it comes to my own choices, I can't imagine how the death penalty is any different.

* Gun Control - I support the right to own and use firearms for hunting purposes. Weapons designed for killing people should be greatly restricted. Hunters should be required to keep their weapons locked in certified gun safes, to prevent them from falling into the hands of children.

* Political Views - I tend to end up in the middle because on some issues, I'm very liberal and on others, I'm Republican. In general, I support the right to choose, gay unions, regulations on firearms, socialized healthcare, and capitalism and a free market society. I used to be right of center, but I'm becoming more left each day.

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