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Old 06-15-2003, 08:27 PM   #16
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I try (and *try* is the operative word, I admit!) to love and respect everyone as much as possible. This seems to me to be the core of what Jesus would have me, and everyone, do. There's already enough hatred, prejudice, and disharmony in the world without me creating more.

The problem I have with "fundamentalist" Christianity, I guess, is that *some* "fundies" (not all, but unfortunately the most famous ones) seem to spend more of their time in judgment and hatred than in love and helping others. I mean, when was the last time anyone heard of someone like Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson really getting out there and getting their hands dirty with the Gospel? I'm not saying they don't, but...well, all I'm saying is that when you hear from those guys, or the Concerned Women for America or whoever, all they want to talk about is who is "disgusting" or "immoral" this week. God forbid they actually try to understand what some of those "sinners" are about.

Again, I don't want to lump all "conservative" or "liberal" Christians together. Some people I've known who call themselves "liberal" Christians can be very bitter and judgmental, and some "conservative" Christians are very kind and sincere. In particular, 80s, I've always found you (in your postings here at least!) to be respectful to the views of others. But I think that if the "conservative" or "fundamentalist" Christians want people to see them differently, they need some new spokespersons. And they need to project an image of compassion in action like Catholics have been good at doing. When I think of faith-based social-service organizations, I always think of things like the Sisters of Mercy and the Catholic Worker. That's good works, yes, but also good P.R.

And as for the Bible being literally true...well, it *was* literally true once, I'm sure. Unfortunately, I simply can't believe that a book that has been through countless rewrites and translations over a couple of thousand years--including a few at the hands of some not-so-righteous church officials--is still literally, word-for-word true today. I dare not hazard too much of a guess on what's true and what isn't, but it is dangerous to not leave any room for interpretation in any written work.

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I think we assume that, at one point, there was a "definitive and complete" version of the Bible. The evidence, however, points to the contrary; that each Jewish sect had their own version of the Bible with different books and a different translation (remember that there were no printing presses). Martin Luther, for instance, called certain books "apocryphal," because a non-Latin source text was not in existence. The Dead Sea Scrolls that were found over the last century, however, had a copy of all of them.

I think if you're looking for an easy answer to the Bible, it may not exist.


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interesting thought.

I really liked Flower's first post in this thread.

I truly dislike when I am reading political threads and I read something like " good Christians..." when referring to the government or anyone else people do not know to specifically be Christian.

It bothers me as I am not a Christian, and the assumption that others are is ignorant.

I do not mean to rant, I just find this too often.
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Originally posted by Screaming Flower
as a catholic, i do not read the bible literally. there are too many contradictions, and i believe the humans writing the bible and interpreting the word of God were just as flawed as me.

i attempt to live as Christ would, to love ALL others as i love myself.

i'm not sure if others would see this as the true definition but it's my definition.
My sentiments exactly.
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Originally posted by anitram
I like this quote, by Mother Teresa.

"I believe in person to person. Every person is Christ for me, and since there is only one Jesus, that person is the one person in the world at that moment."
I have thought about this from the day you have posted it. It is awesome. Truly Awesome.


You posted it yesterday? It feels like I read it eons ago.

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