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BVS is right, you want far left read Green Left Weekly.

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Originally posted by Macfistowannabe
You don't think the New York Times is even a little left of center?

no, i don't. if you go back and look at their op-eds, they criticized Clinton, relentlessly, through the Lewinsky debacle. they've also criticized Bush, relentlessly, for his (mis)management of the Iraq War/Debacle. i think their op-ed page, however, does skew a little left, but that's an opinion page and has nothing to do with the actual quality of the reporting, which is quite dispassionate (and let's not forget that Tom Fiedman, the Times' star reporter on the Middle East, endorsed the invasion). in fact, one of the biggest advantages the administration had during the Iraq War was Judy Miller, who was led around by the nose by Ahmed Chalabi on the search for those "weapons of mass destruction." she reported, daily, on the search, and her columns leading up to the invasion were filled with reports about reported weapons programs, all of which turned out to be false. is this, then, evidence of conservative bias on the part of either Ms. Miller or the NYT? no. but it does point out the fact that calling what is, hands down, the most important newspaper on earth "liberal" is a canard.

if you want to see a real, thoughtful, but clearly left-wing newspaper, check out The Guardian.

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I find myself to be pretty moderate, and I will admit that Fox News targets a republican audience, especially with O'Reilly on prime time reporting instances where the media seems to swing punches at Bush or whatever. I see CNN and NYT talk reporting all the tragedies that has been going on, and that's true no doubt about it, BUT - if MSNBC was accurate by saying that 85% of Iraq is peaceful - what is stopping us from seeing the peace process? Why hasn't the peacemaking been adequately reported?

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