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I guess when the FBI can accurately predict the future, then the threat alerts will be tolerable.

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Manhunt 'hoax' warrants apologies: minister
Coderre: Canada unfairly tarnished


OTTAWA—Many Americans and even some Canadians should be apologizing over the story about five mystery men with alleged links to terrorism, says Citizenship and Immigration Minister Denis Coderre.

He singled out politicians like New York Senator Hillary Clinton and journalists who touted what he called a "hoax" story that the five, using false passports, entered the U.S. from Canada around Christmas Eve.

The FBI called off a nationwide hunt for the men yesterday after determining a tip about the five from Michael John Hamdani, an accused immigrant smuggler jailed in Canada since October, was false.

The hunt was launched with a Dec. 29 appeal from the FBI for the public's help in finding the men for questioning. The FBI, reportedly acting on information from Canadian authorities, posted photos and names of five men on the agency's Web site, even though officials acknowledged they weren't sure the images and identities were correct, or that the men had actually entered the country.

"Canada's reputation was unfairly tarnished," Coderre said in an interview yesterday. "It's a hoax.

"First of all, we deserve an apology ... from everybody who wrote and said things," he said.

"I think maybe they have to say `Well, we went too far, we didn't check our facts and the story wasn't accurate.'

"It feels like April Fool's Day. But it will tarnish, unfairly, Canada's reputation — again."

Coderre said Clinton should be one to apologize.

The U.S. senator told reporters on Dec. 31 that the men had entered New York State from Canada, and she called for greater scrutiny along the Canada-U.S. border.

"Are we going to ask her what she's saying now, now that it wasn't true? Are you going to apologize?" said Coderre.

"Are you going to say `Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't get my facts straight?'"

And he bemoaned the fact U.S. President George W. Bush gave credence to the information the same day when he told reporters at his ranch in Texas that he personally had ordered the FBI to begin a nationwide manhunt for the five men.

"Hey, the President of the United States for God's sake answered himself. You saw that on TV? The guy said `Well after that information, blah, blah, blah.' You know, he was talking about the issue and it was major news," Coderre said.

"We have to be very, very careful and be conscious that we have a duty about what kind of info we're sending or how we treat facts or information."

Coderre also took aim at Ontario's minister of public safety and security, Bob Runciman, who told reporters in Ottawa that thousands of people without proper documents enter Canada, then disappear.

"Everybody, not only the media, public figures. I remember Bob Runciman who about a week ago talked about the policy, the leaky border and stuff like that," he said.

"I don't want to be perceived like I'm attacking anybody. All I'm saying is that maybe we should have a real debate now on the content of information and all the spinning all over the place."

U.S. authorities now believe Hamdani provided false information about the five men in a bid for leniency on forgery charges he faces in the United States.

Hamdani is expected to be transported to New York today to face those charges, which were brought in 1996 and allege he trafficked in fraudulent travel and identification documents.

Coderre said there's no doubt border security is a top priority, but he railed against what he called the "myth" that has so much resonance in the U.S. that Canada is a haven for terrorists.

"It is so easy to say that it's Canada's fault," he said.

"We have to be very careful not to jump on it right away and add to the trend."

Coderre said Canadian government officials — such as Solicitor-General Wayne Easter and various RCMP spokespersons — maintained all along there was no evidence the men had crossed the border from Canada. But rumours got more media coverage than the Canadian denials, he said.

And Coderre said that despite the FBI's admission that it proceeded on faulty information, there will still be people who believe five people with terrorist connections crossed the border from Canada into the U.S.

"Now we have to use all the communications skills to make sure that the Canadian people and the American people will have the facts straight," he said.

Coderre defended Canada's actions since the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

"There's always place for improvement, I agree with that, and we're doing it," he said.

"We deported last year 9,000 people and we're doing our homework... We put $600 million on security.

"We're working very well with all the agencies, not only interdepartmental in Canada, but on the continent."

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Originally posted by nbcrusader
I guess when the FBI can accurately predict the future, then the threat alerts will be tolerable.
This is not what I'm asking for. I'm asking for real, credible threats.
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Originally posted by Dreadsox

I can't understand the leap from this to your made up quote.
My made-up quote was what I see as the desired result of this climate of fear. If enough people are frightened all the time, they won't mind giving up more rights. I really do think that this is the ultimate goal of this administration.

Wait, I'll do it for you:

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Originally posted by martha

I really do think that this is the ultimate goal of this administration.
I have many friends and relatives who believe the same. I guess it kind of makes me wonder why we see it differently. I do not see it that way (obviously).

Originally posted by martha

Wait, I'll do it for you:

Liberal! Paranoid!
Where it proudly

Paranoid......Well we have something in common

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