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Originally posted by bammo2

It's the same with people with ginger hair
what's the thing with people with ginger hair?

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Originally posted by dandy

this ties in perfectly with MrsS's rape statistics thread, too. for the most part, sexism and mysogyny are still often socially acceptable, and i don't see this changing until society truly accepts women as human beings with equal rights.

you gotta ask who benefits from this? white middle-upper class heterosexual men. sexism and mysogyny keep women "in their place," earning less, living in fear, and ultimately being less. until attitudes toward women fundamentally change with those who still hold the political and economic power, the status quo will not change.

i suppose i see the most sexism in society today not so much in the workplace, as women are making enormous strides and often prove to be rather deft managers, but in attitudes that i see in many of my heterosexual friends that view women as not sex objects, really, but more like sexual recepticles.

it seems to me as if sexual expectations for single women are a bit unfair. not to sound like an anti-porn crusader, because i'm not and have no problems with adult consumption of porn, but it does seem as if women feel pressure to be sexual athletes in order to keep a man interested. i see these "lad" magazines and howard stern-type programming encouraging a porn star-like sexuality in women -- to swallow, to have anal sex, to have public sex, to perform fellation whenever and wherever, to have threesomes -- that i don't think is empowering, because it is delivered to women not as a means of self-controlled sexual adventure and exploration and empowerment (and, by all means, if any woman wants to do any of the above on her own accord to fufill her own fantasies, then i'm all for it, more power to her ... it's a subtle distinction here) but as a message delivering a very clear expectation that "this is what your man expects and if you can't perform and deliver then he will find someone who will."

kind of the difference between eating right and exercising so you look great versus starving yourself to be thin in order to feel more attractive.

does that distinction make sense?

i'm reminded of a quote by one of my female friends that makes me tremendously sad, really. after going out twice with some guy, she said, "well, now he has to decide if he wants some sort of relationship with me or if i'm just someone who is going to give him head."

that really bothers me.

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Originally posted by financeguy

I think the opening cartoon is all a bit of fun and it would be a bit over the top to be offended by it - BUT I see a lot of stereotyping of heterosexual men in the UK and Irish media, particularly in advertising.

An advert for washing up powder that is currently airing depicts the male as a total stereotype of the dumb 'himbo' - I do find this particular advert pretty offensive, to be honest.

i know -- i have a sense of humor, i promise, and i wouldn't take it too seriously, but i do think the two main points stand, because that's the line of thought reflected in first the advert and then the picture of the remote control:

1. heterosexual men are expected to be idiots
2. it's still okay to joke about women as sexual recepticles
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Thanks for your comments Irvine, they are appreciated.

Who would want a guy like that anyway? I'd rather be in a porch rocker surrounded by cats talking to myself..

But I understand why some women get involved w/ men who treat them like that, and I would never condemn or judge them for it.

Of course there are women who treat men that way as well.

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