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Old 07-29-2005, 02:24 AM   #16
Jesus Online
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Not any one conservative in particular. Conservatives on the whole seem against it, but this is one they wont find goes against the whole baby slaughter production line philosophy.

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I don't completely understand why your upset that some conservatives think that finding ways to convert regular cells into embryonic like stem cells, but obvioulsy it stems from arguments or issues having to do with your medical condition. No one should have to go through what you do.

But at the same time, you have to see some hope here? There are even liberal types that get creeped out about the idea of growing fetuses for medical research. Its very close to the line. Imagine the same arguments developing here as in abortion - like, can we let the fetus grow a little more or a little longer (I know that this isn't the case, but I'm sure in the future, some scientists will find reason to tempt this.)

Anyway, we all should be pleased that someone is close to the point where these stems cells can be made from regular cells, not requiring conception of early life.

And I too have reason to benefit from such research. See attached pic of my daughter, Maddy.

And BTW, I was baiting you asking which consertative you were talking about, thinking you would point to me.

But there is a conservative making front page headlines today backing stem cell research. And he's a big one!

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Old 07-29-2005, 03:46 AM   #18
Jesus Online
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Oh, I'm definitely hopeful. Dont get me wrong. And I dont mean to souind like a martyr here, lol, but docotrs have been on the verge and 'making breakthroughs' for as long as I can remember. As far as diabetes goes, there is sweet bugger all chance of a cure. It cannot be 'cured'. The islet cells are dead. For a long long time, it has been known that it will either be through unreliable cell transplant or entire pancreas transplant that will see diabetics live a somewhat more regular life. But the problem has been the unreliability of transplanting them and that it is essentially just swapping a lifetime of insulin for a lifetime of anti rejection drugs. This option has had millions of research dollars poured into it and now the advent of cell creation has opened so many doors.
I dont actually see embryonic cells as a foetus, which is why I think I hit a wall in these arguments with those adamantly against it, as their views are based on their opinion that while at cell stage, it has 'potential' to become a developed human. I put commas around that, as we all know it is the process which is the same, as science cannot recreate a womb. Yet. What also bugs me though, is that these cells can be taken from anywhere. Last time I saw my endo, he told me they could do it from fat cells. And as I have plenty of them, I'm just waiting. I'll be a guinea pig. This was probably a good 2 or so years ago, so I'm sure the actual advances are even more developed by now. I'm coincidentally seeing him on Monday and as usual I will bother him with my usual questions of when he can 'cure me', lol. But anyway, I either misunderstood him at the time, or he being quite high in the endocrine field knew that this possibility as stated in the article, was the next step. Actually, as I type I'm remembering, he even commented that the AMA would never endorse anything while the debate raged over ethics.

...And now I'm really rambling, lol. This time, preaching to the converted, it would seem Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous, but you already know that. She and the brave others in your photo are exactly why I cannot complain but precisely why this research has to go ahead. I hope your man Frist gets it through.
And I figured you were trying to get me to pin you, but I couldn't figure out why exactly, but now it makes perfect sense. Give your daughter a big hug, there will be a solution one day.
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Old 07-29-2005, 06:43 AM   #19
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I support stem cell research. My hat's off to Frist for coming out in favor of it. Nancy Reagan is right, this stuff can prevent much suffering, and I just don't see the morality in prolonging all of this suffering.
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Old 07-29-2005, 07:51 AM   #20
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Originally posted by MadelynIris

There are even liberal types that get creeped out about the idea of growing fetuses for medical research.
Nobody is growing FETUSES for medical research. This kind of poor language choice incites fearmongering. An embryo is not a fetus nor are stem cells which are harvested from an embryo a fetus.

I'm growing one type of sc right now. In fact, I'm going go to subculture them shortly. They are fussy and difficult to grow, but the sorts of things you can do with them in experiments are absolutely astounding. I wish more people could understand that. Angela Harlem, good work is being done here, despite the difficulties that some folks would like to impose.
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I feel strongly that ONE reason for the big crusade against stem-cell research is obviously the bottom-line.

Think of all the poor medical corporations whose multi-billion dollar profiteering against the sick would suddenly be cut short with a rash of cures.

And the poor investors. All that money invested in sick people only to be lost to sudden cures.

Sorry for the attitude, but I've personally dealt with it for 30+ years with no end in sight. In my case, every 'new treatment' is hailed as a breakthrough and pushed like a new sportscar. But really, it's nothing more than glamorous extortion.

Medical professionals should be paid well and rewarded for advances. But profits beyond salary and preset rewards should be greatly limited. The money should then go directly back into research and development, as well as retirement and severance packages for when a cure is achieved. This would encourage cures and reward those responsible while freeing medical people to move on to the next urgent project.

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