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Elizabeth Edwards' Cancer Has Come Back

Sad news about Elizabeth Edwards...


This is one of the truly great women on the planet, a warm, intelligent person who is so very likeable and a true asset to John Edwards on the campaign trail. At the moment, his campaign goes on, which is wonderful news for our country. I know my prayers and thoughts will be with Elizabeth, who I also hope and pray will be our next First Lady.


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I was impressed with the way they handled that announcement this morning....there seems to be a lot of love and grace in that relationship. You have to admire them for that.

Ironically, this could be the best thing to ever happen to his campaign.

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I was sorry to hear the news. My Internet connection was broken this morning so I've just heard the news. I hope she has a speedy recovery.
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How heartbreaking for them.
"Knight in shining Zubaz."

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I watched this on the news this morning. The ticker said they were expecting Edwards to withdraw from running but there was no mention of that unless i missed it.

She does seem incredibly strong. I thought it was interesting how they described the treatment as lifelong from now on. I didn't realize that's what happened with bone cancer.
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They made it very clear that he's going to continue with his campaign. She will be traveling with him most of the time, unless she is receiving treatment. John also said he'll drop everything when and if she needs him. They really are a lovely and committed couple.
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Originally posted by U2isthebest
They made it very clear that he's going to continue with his campaign. She will be traveling with him most of the time, unless she is receiving treatment. John also said he'll drop everything when and if she needs him. They really are a lovely and committed couple.
Wow, amazing woman. When my aunt got cancer, everyone was in shock but she just kept herself very busy all the time, never missed a class (she is a dance professor, among other things). It was her way of dealing. She cant handle pity because it means facing reality. I hope the best for Mrs. Edwards....

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Oh I feel for them how awful. I hope she can battle it again and easier this time. :Pray:
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Sorry Diane, I didn't see that you had started this thread. Like I said in the other one, I am in awe of her and of their relationship after seeing that press conference. It is so sad what has happened.
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I didn't see the press conference or the news on TV yet today. I did hear about the cancer returning. :Pray:
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Your e-mails: Edwards proves he is 'one of us'

(CNN) -- Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards said Thursday he will continue his bid for the White House even though his wife Elizabeth's cancer has returned.

"The campaign goes on," he said at a news conference. CNN.com asked readers what they thought of his decision. Below is a selection of their responses, some of which have been edited for length and clarity.

Sherry McDonald of Placerville, California
John Edwards just solidified his membership as one of "us," the regular people who face the ups and downs of medical care, jobs, educating our children and life in general. His and his wife's decision to continue their campaign is commendable and brave and I will get in his camp and fight for him all the way. They are wonderful examples of caring, dedicated leaders who are willing to sacrifice in spite of what life throws in their paths. I always thought he was the best candidate. Today just proved me right. I wish them both the best in the months to come.

Cathy Duhig of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I can't even begin to say how much I admire the Edwards, especially Mrs. Edwards. My mother died from breast cancer in 1977 after a long and brave fight. She was a tough, courageous woman who would have behaved in exactly the same way as Mrs. Edwards. In fact, Mrs. Edwards reminds me very much of my mother. I am not a religious person, but I will hope and pray that Mrs. Edwards recovers, and that her husband can stay in the presidential race.

Sandy Bryant of Hickory, North Carolina
After reading Elizabeth Edwards' book, "Saving Graces," I completely understand the family agreement for John to continue on with his campaign. She is truly an inspirational woman and loves her husband and family more than life itself. Elizabeth is a very determined person and believes in what her husband stands for. She feels that he can make a difference in our lives and that he is what our country needs right now. She will beat this cancer and in the process be an inspiration for many who are in the same situation. May God bless you Elizabeth and John Edwards and your wonderful family.
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Thoughts and prayers to the Edwards family
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This is by David Kuo who did that recent Beliefnet interview w/John Edwards that we had a thread about.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cancer is Not a Political Issue

"My MRI is on Thursday," I said to Elizabeth Edwards a month ago.

"I go in for my next round of appointments in a couple weeks." she said.

"Has everything been clear up till now?"

"Yeah," she said, knocking on wood and saying, "Thank God."

Elizabeth Edwards and I shared a common experience of overcoming dreaded disease. Hers was breast cancer. Mine was a brain tumor. We got each other.

I told her how one of my blog readers, a neuro-oncologist, had chided me because I had taken up professional bass fishing after my White House days. I was irresponsible, the doctor told me. I should be advocating for brain tumor patients. I told her I didn't want to become known as "the brain tumor guy."

She understood. Even though she wrote about her breast cancer recovery, she didn't want to be the breast cancer woman either. She wanted to go on and live life. We left with a promise to pray for each other.

My MRI was fine. I've wondered how her tests had gone and smiled thinking no news was inevitably good news. Then this morning's word that there would be a campaign announcement about her health. I knew what it was, what it had to be and I just stopped and images of needles and pills and chemo came flooding in...things I know too well.

I had no doubt about what would happen to the campaign. It would go on. She wouldn't allow anything else. To quit the campaign would be to give in to the disease - it would be the ultimate admission of being the "cancer woman."

I can't imagine the conversations she had with her husband - except that I can. How much will the illness define us? How much will we become steely fighters? How much will we just withdraw from the spotlight and fight this illness alone, with friends? What if... What if these are the last days? What would we regret more...?

When I interviewed John Edwards a few weeks ago, he answered a question about the suffering he'd endured - the loss of a son, Elizabeth's cancer - by saying that his faith had come "roaring back" in order for him to survive. We all need to pray for that roaring faith - for him, Elizabeth, and their children. We need to pray for healing for her. And for us? That this illness puts politics in perspective for more than the next news cycle. For the other candidates? That they focus more on issues of compassion.

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