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Originally posted by A_Wanderer
And the case study of our ban shows that when we take away that gun ownership the criminals still have guns and the dent on gun violence is minor.
But you've missed the point of all my other posts. A ban alone isn't going to do anything, follow through has to occur. Yes there are enough guns out there right now to last in the black market for quite awhile.

Originally posted by A_Wanderer

Do wars happen because countries have armies?
Yes, how could you fight without one? You couldn't wage war without an army... Einstein said we could find peace is we dissolved our armies and nationalism.

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I'd like to know if any of the people that are anti-gun control have ever had a gun pointed at them or a family member before. Because it seems to me the people that have had that experience tend to lean towards gun control. But, I could be wrong.

I also hate the arguement used that if we eliminate guns, people will still find ways to kill each other (though I don't think it was brought up in this thread, which is a relief) - well duh, but it's much easier to kill someone - or many people - with a handgun than a knife.

Of course there will always be the black market, there will always be people owning guns without licenses, etc. But if handguns were banned, wouldn't it make guns harder to obtain? and a ban, as others have said, would involve actual serious enforcement from the police. you can't totally eliminate the black market, but you could reduce it.

I have to say, if I had a gun, I wouldn't feel any safer, because if someone pointed a gun at me, I'd probably be too scared to shoot the person - what if he/she shot me first? it'd be a reflex game that I'd probably lose. and if I had a gun I'd always be nervous that someone would get ahold of it, something would go wrong, etc. it's just something I don't wanna fuck with.

Do wars happen because countries have armies?
uh...yeah. Has anyone ever started a war without one? I can't think of a single example.

or was your point that it's the people and not the weapons used?

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