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Yes, that's 20 years imprisonment (sitting in jail). After that they are usually under the supervision of psychiatrists etc.

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Originally posted by Popmartijn:
(BIG DISCLAIMER! I do not think Anthony is racist or whatsoever. I only referenced to his original, and incorrect, statement for illustration purposes!)
Uh, yeah. But the difference being that I did that by accident, as in.. I didnt mean my negative comments, but Mr. Fortuyn DID.

There's a crucial difference.

And yes, U2Bama, I do realise that. However, just because he's homosexual doesnt mean he can slag off the Islamic culture. And besides, he was quilty of a sweeping statement, not ALL Islamic cultures view homosexuality in the same way. I didn't see him accusing Catholicism of being 'backward'.


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Old 05-09-2002, 11:28 PM   #33
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Originally posted by DrTeeth:
Once again,
Pim Fortuyn called the Islamic culture backward for their stance on emancipation, freedom of speech/press and religion etc. I tend to agree with this although I wouldn't have voted for him.

Islamic culture is backward? Thats funny, the Islamic culture I was brought up with promoted peace, equal rights, and respect towards one another.
Hmmmmmmmmm........ Maybe certain people in general need to watch out on how they name Islam, especially if they haven't studied the religion.
A nation (country) and religion are two different things. They should be identified
sepereately. I agree with Anthony, this guy made a mistake, and it sadly cost his life....
But, we live in a chaotic world. If one is going to make such an ignorent statement, then he has to prepare for the worst. Calling a major religion backwards is a real big mistake, because it is a threat towards the majority of respectful Muslims in this world. What if he said that Christianity was backwards, and that they had to limit the immigration of Christian people? That would surely drive people mad.
He shouldn't have been killed... But, making some of the remarks that he did, He should have seen TROUBLE coming.
Peace out,
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Old 05-10-2002, 03:51 AM   #34
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Originally posted by Amna:
He shouldn't have been killed... But, making some of the remarks that he did, He should have seen TROUBLE coming.
how is that?
if someone would call me a stupid, ignorant twit who shouldn't have the right to breath I wouldn't go hunting them down with a gun

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Most people outside of the Netherlands had never heard of him before he was killed... and in a few weeks most people will have forgotten about him.

I don't agree at all with what he said but that doesn't mean I like seeing him shot. There have always been people like that in politics.

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