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Originally posted by Angela Harlem:
Thanks Bubba for your research. I have to admit, humour aside, it got me wondering. Because it is a book of faith, does that mean it should escape censorship?
Oooh, great point! (Can't wait to use that argument against hard-core Christians advocating censorship...)

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Well, the Bible shouldn't be censored because censorship is on the whole wrong. There are obvious exceptions (slander, statements that pose a "clear and present danger", etc.), but the Bible simply doesn't qualify.

But let's say, for the simple sake of argument, that I'm a "hard-core Christians advocating censorship."

(Freudian use of "hard-core", I'm sure. )

If I DID advocate something like the censorship of pornography, would I be a hypocrite?


The reason is this: the Bible isn't porn. Certainly, most people who try to clearly define pornography have to use circular arguments ("I know it when I see it," etc.), but only the most ludicrously strict definitions of the word could cause you to suspect the Bible.

Certainly, all pornography involves sex, but not all works that involve sex are porn:

* Biology textbooks, which explain the processes of reproduction.

* Government documents, which explain which sexual acts are and are not legal.

* News paper reports on the passage of such laws.

* History books that talk about the passage of such laws.

* Biographies that discuss the sex lives of its subjects, etc.

The Bible falls into the category of books that involve sex but is not pornography for a few reasons: Like a biography, it mentions the sexual activities of its central characters (David, etc.). Like a legal code, it maps out what its practitioners believe moral and immoral. Unlike pornography, it's not in the least bit titulating (you ever read THE BIBLE to get off?). And unlike pornography, it clearly details the punishments of those who violate its law.

A similar attack on the Bible could be made about its excessive violence, but the same defense is used: it's comparable to a history book that details famous battles, and it's clearly not done to titilate the reader.

The only obvious reply is that, regardless of its intent, it COULD be used for pornographic purposes (a la Alex in "A Clockwork Orange"). My answer to that a simple, "So what?" A high school yearbook can be likewise corrupted.

So, while I personally don't believe in censorship, Christians who believe in it are not necessarily hypocrites.

Something you might want to keep in mind before you start attacking them.

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Originally posted by Achtung Bubba:
(you ever read THE BIBLE to get off?) .
mwahahahahaha! that made me laugh uncontrollably !

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Another favorite is:


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