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Old 11-13-2002, 03:16 PM   #31
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Another thing about pot and driving (or pretty much anything): Pot makes people paranoid, some more than others, and people are less likely to drive high than they are to drive drunk. Drunkenness gives a person a sense of confidence. Highness does the opposite. The few times I've driven high, I was always very careful never to go over the speed limit, always come to a full stop when necessary, and try to stick to side roads.

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Originally posted by Spiral_Staircase

don't take me too seriously. I say stupid stuff all the time.

But on that topic....I found this article interesting when someone posted it around here a few weeks ago (my apologies if you saw it the first time around). Considering your experiences, it might make you angry. It was just a very different take on the issue of carcinogenic synthetic chemicals than what I'm used to hearing.

Ok....back to pot.
Oh. I should've known you were just messin' with me.

That's an interesting article (no, I hadn't seen it before). "What do you when doctors disagree?" as they say. I mean, there's new and contradictory info everyday about the effects of pollution and chemicals on health. The guy seems to be legit (I like that he doesn't take money from the chemicals industry, for ex) but his findings definitely aren't in sync with most of what's out there, as you say. I hope he's right but I remain skeptical.

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Originally posted by Klaus
I know some people who lost their driving licence because of Marijuana consume - and i think it's ok .
Also i think it's a sad thing that some ppl throw their life away because of a drug imho they should be able to do this - it's a free country. But liberty stops where others will be harmed.
And Marijuana and driving is such a thing.
If you are not able to do the right things as fast as possible at the steering wheel you a re a danger to the public.
(Imagine s.o. who smoked Marijuana and a tire of his car blews) The roads are far to crowded - chances are pretty high that an innocent person will be harmed or even killed..
(Same for Alcohol too of course)
Just because it's less dangerous than the most dangerous thing dosn't make it harmless.

Right - don't drive if you reduced your ability to do so - no matter which drug (alcohol, marijuana, pills,.. whatever) you took

Klaus, your concerns are certainly reasonable. I don't disagree with you exactly--but I tend to think that the dangers of marijuana are exaggerated and what angers me most is the political aspect of it here in the US. I enjoy a smoke here and there, but if it were to go away forever I certainly would get over it.

And I meant to say earlier--I'm sorry about the loss of your friend.

Not George Lucas > I was going to mention the paranoid thing but realized that argument could be used against me ("so you think it's okay for paranoid people to get behind the wheel?"). But I agree with you--someone high on marijuana is way more likely to hand somebody else the keys and say "man, I'm too high to drive" whereas someone drunk on alcohol can feel invincible. While it's best to be awake, alert, and under the influence of no drug or alcohol, I still maintain that the marijuana users on the highway are of far less concern than, say, people talking on their cell phones.
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See i smoke weed. Once a month or twice. i bet you when i got high on Sunday and came back into the bar everyone knew i was high. I sat down had a good time. But you know what noone said anything they just went on with it.

People if you really think smoking weed, and only smoking weed is a big problem then you have some seriuos issues. There are so many more important problems in the world then weed.

I never see a thread about crack, or cocaine or PCP. Why because you think only addicts do that. Well those drugs kill many many ppl and you dont seem to be outraged, or i should rephrase that you seem to be more outraged about people smoking weed at their own free will and being able to put it down when they want. People that arnt spend a 100$ a pop to get high ppl that pay 10$ a g(thats CANADIAN!!!)

If you think drugs are so bad then why not talk about the drugs that actually kill ppl and ruin lives as soon as that drug enters their life.

Your drug priorites are totally twisted!!! Dont start at the most harmless drug and work your way up start with smack or crack or coc. I just dont see the point in argueing about a drug that does such little harm compared to so many more things.
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Originally posted by UltravioletU2
. I do think pot is safer than alcohol in the sense that people who are high are usually less dangerous than those intoxicated (general statement here).
uh yeah. This makes sense actually if you think about it. Like someone stoned is going to have enough will to get there arse up off the coach and drive a car or something.

As for the health part. I think there is enough information out about shit you are going to inhale. If you wanna damage your body that is all on you. It is a choice. I don't hear of many people being tied down and some one holding there nose while having a bong or cig held to their mouth.

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