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Do you believe the Kennedys are cursed?

I've heard a lot about he Kennedy curse, all the bad things that have happened to that one family. The stories are indeed tragic, but are they a curse? Part of what happened to them was because they were in public life, though others are in politics and are not assassinated.

I was thinking about my murdered cousin, and thought about how on my Dad's side of the family there are just as many tragic stories as the Kennedys. We've had people get shot, have accidents, get murdered, there are a lot of terrible stories. My Dad had 12 siblings, so that's a large family like the Kennedys. Could it just be that when there are that many people there is more of a chance of bad things happening, and we just heard about the Kennedys and not other families because they're famous? Or is my family cursed too? What are your feelings on the Kennedys and their 'curse?'

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Not cursed, just large, famous, and full of womanizing drunks

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I don't know about "cursed", but the Kennedys have certainly had their troubles. But so have both sides of my family! We've had alcoholics, people with Post-Trauma Stress Syndrome from WWI which resulted in a tragic murder-suicide (and you must have a predisposition to PTSS), and my "touch of autism" is hereditary as well. I'm inclined to think that the Kennedys are more famous than they are cursed. The unfortunate assassinations led to this notion, I believe. That was indeed horrific. Thank goodness we haven't been through assassinations, that's one thing we haven't had any trouble with.
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JFK was "taken out" because he pissed off too many people (if you don't believe me, read "On the Trail of the Assassins" by Jim Garrison.

Apart from that, no, I don't think the Kennedys are cursed.
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like The red sox , there is no curse , it's all about stereotyping
however , i heard some very spooky stories
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I don't know but they sure don't have luck in that family.
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They aren't cursed. Ted Kennedy gets away with a lot of overhauled rants.

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