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These days?

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Originally posted by MrsSpringsteen
Some say he's a master debater

Actually, he's famous for being able to debate himself...if you know what I mean.

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Originally posted by MrsSpringsteen
These days?
In his younger days he was quite the specimen:

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ron jeremy was actually a long island school teacher before he was discovered to have an enormous wang.
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Originally posted by yolland

I think the objections raised in the article have more to do with him having bona fide star power to draw upon with college audiences, an advantage feminist journalists don't generally have. Other than that I agree with you.
Well, ok, I think a feminist will really find it harder to gain such a "star power".

But I also think that the students there already have in a way an opinion. I hope so, since it's a university.

I think, if she is a good debater he will stand no chance, except he is also a very good one.
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X-citing night at Simmons: Skin-flick thespian’s visit gets some hot
By O’Ryan Johnson
Wednesday, April 4, 2007 - Updated: 02:37 AM EST

Legendary smut film star Ron Jeremy is used to all-women venues, but this one was more academic than most.
“The Hedgehog,” as he’s known in the blue movie biz, was met by a handful of anti-porn protesters when he showed up to debate feminist author Susan Cole about the merits of his sordid trade at Simmons College in the Fenway last night. But the star of more than 1,000 adult titles said he was preparted for much worse.
“It wasn’t as hostile as I thought it was going to be. The girls who really picketed the event and had a problem with it didn’t show up ... they didn’t make it to the event,” Jeremy said, leaving the debate riding shotgun in a livery car with Cole in the back seat. “I thought it was going to be a lot worse.”
In fact, he said, during a show of hands inside the debate, only four people - all men - said they were anti-porn. And there were more supporters outside who thought it was just fine to let a porn star say his piece.
“Everyone needs to hear two sides of a debate. Ron Jeremy is here to present a side that is not spoken for,” said Stacia Humphries, 25, a teaching assistant at the college.
A shrill trio of demonstrators was less open minded.
“The white, heterosexual rich man is the one at the top and they’re the ones who benefit from everything,” said one outraged anti-porn protester.
“We don’t need to hear from people who benefit from sexism, racism and classism,” the protester said.
Meanwhile, eight students from Emmanuel College - loudly pro-Ron - tried to gain entry but were turned away.
They had to be content with shouting “Ron Jeremy for President!” and “Ron Jeremy is my baby’s daddy!”
The debate was sold out and the media were barred. Only Simmons students and faculty were allowed inside.
Departing the venue, Jeremy and his adversary Cole shared a car, which she said was only possible because they’ve faced off so many times.
“We do have a level of mutual respect,” she said. “I think otherwise there would be no way to function in this atmosphere. I still disagree strongly, I think pornography is exploitive. I feel passionately about my subject.”
Meanwhile, Jeremy - known as the Hedgehog because he is short, fat and hairy - could face battery charges in Miami after he allegedly reached into an autograph seeker’s bra and grabbed her breast.
Jeremy said while his adult film career is winding down, his fight for porn freedom would not abate.
“I think porno has a right to exist. I think porno has a right to be defended,” he said. “I’m not even as involved in adult films as I used to be since the reality shows came along . . . but I still feel it has a right to exist and deserves to be defended.”

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