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All I want is chocolate glazed donuts without accused of being on the side of al Qaeda

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Originally Posted by U2democrat View Post
All I want is chocolate glazed donuts without accused of being on the side of al Qaeda

all Americans should watch what they do, and watch what they say.

you are either with us or against us.

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Originally Posted by BluRmGrl View Post
Seriously.... is this an effin' joke of some kind??? If there's no connection intended, then why pull the ad? Wait, I know -- it's all the PC bullshit. Does this piss off anyone else???
Rachael Ray ad pulled as pundit sees terror link - Food Inc. - MSNBC.com
Originally Posted by Irvine511 View Post
and what's really funny, is that Michelle recently wrote an article on her "blog" about how much better DD was than the 'bucks:


I got hooked on Starbucks in Seattle more than a decade ago. It was the social thing to do. It became an occupational necessity, then an unbreakable habit. I put up with the “corporate social responsibility” mumbo-jumbo, which the company leavened with an occasional bone to conservatives. As I’ve confessed to you before, I’m not a morning person–and those caramel macchiatos have powered me through many an a.m. The taste and the buzz outweighed the conservative guilt.

Over the past weeks, however, Starbucks has left an increasingly bad taste.

David Boaz wrote of the company’s ridiculous policy barring gift card purchasers from customizing personalized cards with the phrase “Laissez Faire.”

Then there’s the price. A grande caramel macchiato puts you out $5. Two or three of those a week adds up. And in these times, every penny counts.

Lots of other consumers are coming to the same conclusion. Starbucks’ profits are down 28 percent.

So this weekend, I quit cold turkey.

I’m done.

I’ve always liked Dunkin’ Donuts coffee better, anyway. And as unapologetic supporters of immigration enforcement, they deserve your business and mine so much more.

Dunkin’: Tastes good, cheaper, and good for national security. Drink up![/q]

Miss Michelle would make quite the jihadist ...

I finally get to use this smiley in the proper context

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Rachael Ray makes me want to kill my TV... that being said, this is incredibly stupid.
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If Carrie and the girls in sex/city wore it, it would be all the fashion rage and you wouldn't be able to get your hands on it.
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Originally Posted by U2democrat View Post
All I want is chocolate glazed donuts without accused of being on the side of al Qaeda

I'm a chocolate/vanilla creme gal myself.
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What really burns my biscuits about the whole thing isn't what Michelle Malkin thinks someone's clothing choices may or may not mean - this is America & she's entitled to be a bleedin' moron. What I'm up in arms about is the fact that DD folded!!!

I mean, holey glazed doughnuts Batman! (snicker ) - does DD really need to sell doughnuts & coffee so badly that they can't afford to lose the brain donors who'd believe this drivel as customers? I would think not... but apparently stupid people buy a lot more breakfast pastries than smart people.
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Okay . . . so . . . if Meghan McCain (daughter of John) wears a similar scarf, does that she is also an al Qaeda sympathiser?

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“The kaffiyeh is a visual extension of our struggle, a way to be a thorn in the silence,” says Ahmad Habib, Iraqi refugee and a member of the Arab Cultural Resistance music group. “Everywhere, from the Arab world to Toronto, people dress up to paint the world with conformity and indifference. The kaffiyeh stands in the way of that.”

The transition of the kaffiyeh from the Middle Eastern version of a baseball cap to a symbol of solidarity came with the occupation of Palestinian land. The kaffiyeh became a symbol of national identity for Palestinians. From the ‘60s on, Palestine Liberation Organization officials and members, such Yasser Arafat, wore the kaffiyeh everywhere they went.

International coverage of the first intifada often showed pictures of Palestinian civilians throwing stones with kaffiyehs around their faces or necks. But afterward, the kaffiyeh was popular only amongst activists and Palestinian refugees.

During the second intifada in 2000, sympathy for Palestinians began to grow and the kaffiyeh became a way of displaying solidarity.

“Ideally, I want everyone to wear the kaffiyeh,” says Habib, “but if it’s just worn for the aesthetic value, without the spirit of resistance wrapped up in every thread, then they might as well not wear it at all, and if it becomes appropriated by commercial interests, then that’s even worse.”
TheStar.com | living | More than just a chic checkered scarf
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I think I have that very scarf How ridiculous, practically everyone my age wears scarves like that. Fashion's to blame, not the terrorists.

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dunkin donuts, rachael ray

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