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Amna...this is clearly the most ridiculous thing you have posted.

Pakistan has recieved both economic aid, debt relief and arms shipments from america in light of their "cooperation". So it's hardly putting its economic development on hold. They only reason they help the US is because if they didnt'...they would have been invaded right after afghanistan.

even clinton administration told the pakistani government to stop funding terrorist groups and that it would be subject to military action if it did not

they also proliferated nuclear arms to korea a rogue nation.

Mushreff came to power by overthrowing a democratically elected government.

It is a country where a girl can be raped for holding the hand of another boy...as a punishment and government intervention only comes in after significant international scrutiny over the incident long after the damage had been done

It is a country that has nuclear weapons ...yet not enough money to track down pakistan secret service.,....erm uhmm...I mean terrorists.

The state departments own report links the pakistani government to terrorism and even defines them as teh agressor against india on the LoC. Your "incite" into pakistan seems to be quite misguided.

tell me amna..why is it that the state department has to issue a travel advisory to pakistan if it is so friendly to the US on the level of the people?

In short int he last 3 years pakistan is guilty of nuclear proliferation, not agreeing to a non first use doctrine of nuclear weapons, being a state sponsor of terrorim genocide, occupation of territory that is not theirs according to international law, support of ethnic cleansing, supporting the taliban in the hope of having a "strongly islamic" neighbor. In all it's quite a post modern history. Oh wait....I forgot organized election fraud!

The country was founded under the threat of civil war, yet it seems to continually try to be at civilwar with india.
Often times I regret the fact that india gave pakistan back after taking it over in the 70's.

I've openly said it before and I'll say it again...if bush wants to make a big indent on terrorism....regime change in pakistan would be far more constructive than regime change in iraq. Pakistan has terror camps, it has WMD's it has state links to terror and yet nothing is done about it. In my book Pakistan gets one legitimate chance at reform...if it fails ...mushareff and saddam can exchange hiding techniques.

Amna...do yourself a favor read the number of articles I've posted here about pakistan.

I will bet 10 percent of my earnign after med school for life that Danny pearl was right, and he was executed for it, Almost every independant source verifies pakistani ties with al qaeda and other terror organiations.

In short the nation is far from innocent. If it is so friendly to the US how come the state department needs to issue a travel advisory????

I don't know why I even take time out of my day during exam week to debate things that are overwhelmingly beyond constestation.

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Originally posted by Amna
Hmmmm.. Lets see, Levy is a philosopher.?.?.?

Hmmmm... Lets see, is there any substance to what he said... For allyou know, he could be making up the whole thing...

Let me give you an incite on Pakistan... It is a developing country
for you own education amna

inĚcite ( P ) Pronunciation Key (n-st)
tr.v. inĚcitĚed, inĚcitĚing, inĚcites
To provoke and urge on: troublemakers who incite riots; inciting workers to strike. See Synonyms at provoke.

I believe the word you wished to use is

inĚsight ( P ) Pronunciation Key (nst)
The capacity to discern the true nature of a situation; penetration.
The act or outcome of grasping the inward or hidden nature of things or of perceiving in an intuitive manner.

To use them in a sentance....."Pakistan incites terrorism, giving us Insight as to what a rogue nation is"

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Old 06-24-2003, 10:56 PM   #18
The Fly
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hahaha, this is sooo hillarious, I can't believe I overlooked this message from Arun... Anyways, Arun, I don't have enough time to watch my grammer on this forum... Afterall, I don't know about you, but I have a job I'm at all day... And the last thing i need to be concerned about is how percisely correct i am on my grammer...
I just got a couple of questions for you though?

I agree that Pakistan is at fault for not prioritizing where its money goes...
But where is the proof that Mushareff has funded terrorists, thats a load of crap, Musharaff is doing his best in improving Pakistan, which he has been doing succesfully... However, I have to say, Pakistan's holds terrorists, just like the US does, just like any country does, but it doesn't mean that Pakistan supports terrorism... Where are the facts that the gov't funds terrorism...

Pakistan is trying to track terrorism down, while at the same time it is trying to develop into a strong democracy...

Musharaff toppled Democracy to become elected... Listen, Musharaff toppled a destructive government, to bring a more democratic country... Also, Arun, how can a country have a "good" democracy, If the poverty level is high, and the literacy rate is not high....???

Musharaff, is bringing order, take it from someone who has seen the improvements.. ... YOu, my friend, haven't seen the improvements, or have you?

And by the way, it is a fact that Indian gov't has funded Tamal Tigers...?... Do you have a problem with this...

What about all the terror based deaths among Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, and Hindus in India....

Believe me, India is going through some issues of itself...

Here are a couple of Articles:

by JULIAN WESTThe Washington Times
NEW DELHI, India -- Violence against India's Christian minority has
surged this year, with reports of at least one attack each week in what
church leaders are calling a "reign of terror" spreading throughout thecountry.
In the most recent incident, about 70 men wearing saffron headbands --
an emblem of the Hindu nationalists -- attacked a church near Mysore, in
South India, where children were attending a catechism class. The attack
last week seriously wounded about 20 people.In other incidents this month:
- Two church workers and a teen-age boy were shot at while praying, and
the boy was injured.
- Two Christian missionaries were beaten with iron rods while bicyclinghome.
- A Christian cemetery in Port Blair on the Andaman Islands wasvandalized.
Four of the attacks were in Uttar Pradesh, the North Indian state where
counting in local government elections ends today and where the Hindu
nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) fared poorly.
Much of the violence against Christians has taken place in states ruled
by the BJP, but church leaders say that last year the number of
incidents in states like Karnataka, which has a Congress party
government, has risen alarmingly.
In the latest and most violent incident in the state, an angry mob
wearing saffron headbands, carrying placards and shouting anti-Christian
slogans descended on the Holy Family church in Hinkal, a suburb of
Mysore, just after Mass last Sunday.
"The children were crying," said Father William, who was protected by
his parishioners. "They could see their parents being beaten up, from
the windows."About 20 people were later taken to the hospital.
Describing the incident as unprecedented in a city whose roughly 30,000
Christians have previously had good relations with their Hindu
neighbours, Father Nerona, a member of the Diocesan Council, said that
he thought the attack had been provoked by a misunderstanding over a
round of Christmas carols.
"They said the carols were converting people, but actually the carol
singers only went to Catholic homes," he said. "We were terribly
shocked. This has always been such a peaceful city."
The recent attacks follow what church leaders call "a false lull,"
occuring after the international outrage last year over the burning
alive of Graham Staines, an Australian missionary, and his two small
sons last year.
"Physically, many of the incidents are now less obvious," said John
Dayal, secretary general of the All India Christian Council. "But there
is a 24-hour reign of terror, which occasionally bursts into violence."
Last year the Indian government reported 240 incidents -- including
about 22 murders -- in the year leading up to 2000, and almost every
week newspapers carry an account of a ransacked church, an assaulted or
murdered priest or a vandalized cemetery.
Many of the assailants are members of the Bajrang Dal, a militant Hindu
nationalist organization linked to the BJP, which has carried out many
of the most violent attacks on Christians in India.
Church leaders maintain, however, that all the attacks -- whether they
are carried out by the Bajrang Dal or its fellow Hindu nationalist
organizations -- have the tacit approval of the BJP government.
"The Bajrang Dal are ruffians, but someone must have told them what to
do the previous night," said Mr. Dayal.

Arun, What should we do about these organizations??????

VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad)
World Hindu Council
The council was established on August 29, 1964 in Bombay, Maharastra [ Biju ] with a political objective of establishing the supremacy of Hinduism all over the world. It obtains funds and recruits from Aryan Hindus all across the globe, especially from the US, UK and Canada and has grown to become the main fund-raising agency of Brahmanist Fundamentalism. The council was instrumental in the demolition of the holiest Islamic shrine in Oudh, the Babri Masjid at Ayodhya and has organised several massacres of Muslims and Christians. It is in the forefront in the call for a Hindu Rashtra, a Hindu State ethnically cleansed of its non-Aryan populations

Bajrang Dal
Party of Hanuman
The militant wing of the VHP, it was formed "to counter `Sikh militancy' " during the Sikh Genocide of 1983-84 [ Bajrang ]. Created with the objective of the eradication of Sikhs which it has termed "Muslims in disguise", its cadres fought alongside Congress-backed Hindutva militias during the massacre of 200,000 Sikhs under Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. Recruits carry a " knife-like trident to be slung across the shoulder - an answer to the Sikh kirpan " [ Bajrang ]. It has subsequently expanded its targets to include Muslims and Christians as well.

Bharatiya Jan Sangh
Indic Race Party
Founded in October 1951 with the Bengal Brahmin Shyama Prasad Mookerjee as its president, who had resigned from the allied `soft' Brahminist Congress in Apil 1950 [ Chandra ] was president until he died in 1953. Its cadres were carefully chosen indoctrinated activists. The second president, the Brahmin Mauli Chandra Sharma resigned in 1954 to protest against RSS domination of the party. It strove for an `Akhand Bharat' [ Chandra ] ethnically cleansed of its Muslim, Christian and Black Sudroid Populations.

These are just a few organizations that I would worry about in India....

Arun, i"m not trying to compete against Pakistan and India.... I'm not like the majority of people who waste their time saying that India or Pakistan is better then one another...

YOu should be thankful that Pakistan had established itself as a state, or else Hindu and Sikhs would have difficulty adapting to the Islamic culture brought by Muslims...

Also, lets try and figure out a strategy in understanding how we can decrease terrorism in any country... Because, lets admit it, terrorism is a problem faced in just about all countrys... Doesn't mean we have to go to war with all of them.

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