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That's a terribly sad social statement. Some people are truly beneath humanity.

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Originally posted by shart1780
And then there was The Passion of the Christ.
Not sure if you are implying that film is anti-semitic or not or if you just didnt like the film.
I'm all against censorship if something is blatently anti-anything to the point of being racist or whatever. However this film was made from the point of view Mel Gibson. You either agree or disagree with his film. I don't think there was any underlying incitement or anti-jewish views other than what someone's view of the bible is - did the jews have Jesus persecuted or not?

I think sometimes there is too much of a persecution complex.

A lot of the outside world's view of Israel is very very negative, based on treatment of palestinians, Lebenon, gaza strip etc.
Some of those views come from jewish friends of mine who lived in Israel, served in the army (have told me some horrific stories)and are now living in London.

Being Catholic, I have to put up with a huge amount of anti-catholism every day which to me, seems to be much more socially acceptable than anti-semetism. For every 10 pro, there will always be a voice that is anti - in pretty much everything in life. Some are more anti than others, some resort to violence or whatever. Abhorrent things happened to Jews in last war, and have continued to happen to this very day.
Similarily, you have Catholics and Protestants persecuting each other in N. Ireland for donkeys years, Genocide in Rwanda and former Yugoslavia, starvation and famine in Malawi, Sudan, tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians killed since beginning of 2nd Iraq war, civil wars in Angola, death squads in Chile, South America, millions of homeless around the world. Its a fucked up world in many, many places and Jews are not the only victims.

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