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Old 09-24-2005, 02:20 AM   #31
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Originally posted by BonoVoxSupastar

But is it right?

Is this a basic human right taken away, or is our society too loose?

I think it's somewhat irresponsible to just throw up your shoulders and say this is how they are.
Our society, in America, is too loose, imo, on some things. Drugs is the main thing, in my opinion. But the reality is, it's everywhere. Is it right? not in my opinion. But to the people I know who like getting high, heck, legalize it all.

The basic human right to do what? I don't understand what you're getting at.

And irresponsible?

It's none of my business, nor yours, for that matter.
But if everyone followed that, then websites and threads like this would be non existant, lol. I do not assume responsibility over other people. It's none of my business.

They were fined 500 Indian rupees ($11) each for embracing and kissing after getting married in a traditional Hindu ceremony in the northwestern Indian town Pushkar, the Asian Age newspaper reported Wednesday.

I don't know enough about Hindu to say weather that was proper tradition to do, especially after having a traditional Hindu wedding.

My point is, the law of the land is the law at hand. Regardless of whether that is "right" or not you have to deal with it, or do something about it. These people suffered the consequences of their actions.

Do I think people should be fined for kissing your spouse?
No, not at all. I wouldn't like it if I were fined when doing such. But that's not really the point.

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"We will not tolerate any cultural pollution of this sort," the newspaper quoted a priest, Ladoo Ram Sharma, as saying.

Asian Age reported that the priests planned to ask the government to require tourists to be appropriately dressed when visiting the holy town and its temples.

Pushkar, located on the banks of Pushkar Lake, is a popular Hindu pilgrimage spot that's also frequented by foreign tourists, who come for the town's annual cattle fair and camel races.
^the end of the article.

Look, the priests were obviously being conservative about things, if they were considering to ask the gov't about requesting dress codes, etc.

You could look at the couple as being disrespectful, in one light. But maybe they were just ignorant of the customs, I really don't know. Either way, it's an unfortunate inccident, but nothing I feel greatly offended about

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i just wanna drop my 2 cents worth here
since I am studying International Communiations and one of the core subjects is Intercultural Competence, I find this all highly interesting.
One of teh isues our teacher raised teh other week was:
We say Universal Human rights
however, that list came into being by a majority vote (with mainly wetsren influence) and is not officially acknowledged/ agreed upon by ALL countries in this world.
Quite some items on this list are plainly unthinkable in other cultures and as tolerant as one wants to be - there are just things a western mind cannot comply with and finds it outreagous. Just as the other way around.

The same with the aforementioned Multiculturalism - ok.. due to some isues but mainly economy, multiculturalism seems important to us (heck - I wanna know as much stuff about others a possible, live somewhere else - already doing so- and broaden my horizon --- however, one can never lose it's own culutur, just widen the own views). However, multiculturalism is not embraced and thought for good everywhere. Not even among all western people... So as said before, I think that argument is quite weak here.
Just because some of us want to embrace it, does not mean others have to act accordingly. If you want multiculturalism -you have to work pretyt damn hard for it to achieve some on your own. Th world is not going to lay it out on a plate in front of you
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I think I might have to take that course........
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Old 09-26-2005, 01:49 PM   #35
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who said the Germans have no standards?

Porn shoot stuns tourists

Sep 26 12:08 PM US/Eastern

BERLIN (Reuters) - Italian vacationers admiring the view from a fairground Ferris wheel at the Munich Oktoberfest got more than they bargained for when a porn shoot suddenly began inside their cabin, authorities said on Friday.

Having settled down to enjoy a leisurely spin on the wheel at the famous beer festival, the group of Italians were quite unprepared for the arrival of two men toting cameras and a woman who started to use a vibrator.

Unable to stop the shoot, the Italians informed local police, who promptly arrested the actress and her crew, a political scientist and a 25-year-old student.

"They said they weren't doing it for commercial reasons but that they wanted to see how visitors would react," police said. The three have been charged with public indecency.

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