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Old 11-03-2004, 03:30 PM   #31
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Originally posted by diamond
to my decent friends on the left.
i know it's tough right now and the weight of the world seems to be on your shoulders.

not to change you but let you know that we love all people unconditionally.
maybe we do not love your beleifs, but we love you.

it will be alright.

I f'ing cried,screamed yelled, banged my fist on the table.....ET AL



i don't know enough about you to trust or distrust what seem to be kind words & thoughs. Here's why
{first I must log this on for starters, so i don't lose what i write when I gp longer in typing my thought}

first let me tell you abit about me & my friends

I am {became} poor{10 yrs ago}, some of my friends are poor like me, some are working class, middle class {from lower to near upper}.

I am white, but besides my white fiends i have black, asian, latino freinds & acquaintences of both current and decades back in my life.

I am straight but i have a few gay male friends, and have gay female freind- including 2 sets of aquaintences who have been couples for 20 yrs or so.

I was born Catholic, still draw on some of Christ's spiritual teachings -- but i am an ex-Catholic/Christian.
I'm sort of a New Age, Quantum Animist May friends are Catholic, Christian, Reform Jews, secular Jews, aethiests, some have a sort of semi-New Ageism blending into their birth faith, a few Wiccans and a Muslim or 2.

How can I and alot of my friends feel safe in a Bush/Chenny America when I and who my friends are when many of neo-cons and really Conservative Christians don't respect our right to worship [or not} as we see fit.

This also includes outright hatred for other people's religions, and the fact that Bush & his Con Christians want to shove their religion down every one's elses throat, trying to turn Pluralistic American into a Right-wing Christain Theocracy.

How can myself and my other poor friends {some due to disabilty] feel safe when you can already see that Bush's so called help for medicare and seniors' perscription drugs has screwed things up so that alot more drugs are even MORE expensive to pay for than they were before he put this leglislation together into law. And with the balooning deficeits what more Safety net'might be atta cked?

When we are poor and told by Calvasnist leaning Conservative Christians to "pull ourselves up by are bootstraps".
What if you've been born into a family without bootstraps, or even boots. Or you may have lost yours due to a series of hard times/outside circumstances, accidents, layoffs, injuries, ilolness, disabilties etc.

Christ was always always talking about taking care of the poor and" äs you so do for the least of these you do to me". That was one of his Central Tennets.

I reccently heard of a Priest or a Pastor who in doing a Visual Experiement cut every reference that Jesus Christ ever said about "the Poor" that was in in The Bible. His particular Bible then basically looked like a piece of Swiss Cheese, there were so many holes in it from all the exised references!

While there are rasicts among all poliTIcal parties [The conservative Southern Democrats were an/and some still are an example] ,here are many more of the most rabid racsists in the right-wing part of the Republican Party.

WHen Lyndon Johnson [Democrat] signed into leglislation the Civil Rights Act of 64 or 65, that's when the South started to go Republican.

WHen Ronald Reagan announced his candidacy the first place he went to [U]Philidelphia, Mississippi [U], and spoke about "States Rights".

"Philly", Miss. isn't a big place. Why there?
There is only one thing it's 'known'' for. It is the town the 3 Civil Rights workers - Schwarner, Goodman & Chenny were hunted down and slaughtered/murdered'". In the South most of the time when you use the phrase "states Rights" -- it means keeping black people down.

ANd their are peolpe who want to make my gay friends third class citizerns when they're already atill second class citizens a ways.

these are some of the major reasons why many of us are very upset, afraid and angry.

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Not trying to flame anyone, but maybe it should be considered that many Christians, Jews and the like feel that they are having other beliefs jammed down their throat.

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Old 11-03-2004, 04:29 PM   #33
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Wonder what Edwards will be doing the next 4 years in order to stay in the picture considering he's no longer a senator. If he wants to run, IMO, he needs to be doing something other than returning to law, right?
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Old 11-03-2004, 04:33 PM   #34
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And Neo-Cons are not evangelical conservative christians, they are a loose group of those that think that traditional realist paleoconservatism cannot ensure American dominance in the future and that the only way to guarantee lasting peace is the establishment of the liberal democracy around the globe - and besides that according some of the left they are all Jews!
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Old 11-04-2004, 04:39 AM   #35
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Originally posted by A_Wanderer
- and besides that according some of the left they are all Jews!
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Originally posted by Flying FuManchu
Wonder what Edwards will be doing the next 4 years in order to stay in the picture considering he's no longer a senator. If he wants to run, IMO, he needs to be doing something other than returning to law, right?
Yeah, I've been trying to think of what he could do to keep himself in the spotlight. First I'm sure he'll do the lecture circuit, giving speeches around the country. After that I just don't know. He needs to keep his face out there though.
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Old 11-04-2004, 08:47 AM   #37
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IMO speeches and lectures aren't enough if he wants to be run again. Edwards does have the potential to be a strong candidate IMO however his lack of experience did hurt and the Cheney revelations of Edwards attendance outside of the mis-characterization used in the debate didn't help the experience factor. People will mention Bush's lack of experience but there is a difference between being the governor of one of the hugest states in the nation and being a freshman senator. In other words it has to be a position in government of some sort to get him the image of having more experience in government.

The only other high profile position that I could think of would be head of the DNC (b/c McCaullife sux ass) but that position carries too much baggage. Its an interesting question.

There are rumors of Guiliani, Ridge, etc. all getting higher profile positions in the new administration = media time and potential Republican superstars. If Edwards wants to run again, which is what the media seems to be thinking then, he better get cracking.
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U2Dem, I cried too, and it's been twenty-five years since I was your age. Disappointment knows no age boundaries. We lived through the Nixon years, and we'll get through this too.

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