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Originally posted by ImOuttaControl

Yep, the left attacks just as much as the right. The problem with the Democratic party lately is that it's been hijacked by the ultra left, which has pushed moderates and independents away. A moderate Democrat such as Bill Clinton was would easily win. If the dems are dumb enough to pick one of the far left democrats like Kerry(look at his voting record, not what he said on the campaign trail) they will lose again in '08.
Great Insight!

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I think that Democrats have become too complacent with their six-figure Congresssional incomes.

Ummm. Right now there are more Republicans with 6 figure congressional incomes than Democrats. But boy those Republicans would make you think those Democrats are the rich ones, right?

When the Democrats were in control they didn't consider doing some of the crap the Republicans are now pulling (nuclear option to change senate rules that have been in place for 200 years just so they can get their judges in place to push the highly religous, moral standard on the entire country--now why didn't the Democrats do this when they were the majority?). Not to mention, trampling all over State rights with the Schivo case?? Isn't one of the Republican platforms State's rights? I guess that is only when the religous right is not in conflict with the party platform.

Seems like when we have a Republican in office that the governement gets bigger and deeper in debt than with the Democrats. Hey why not tackle something that really matters right now, like the rising cost of healthcare? No that is too hard, we need to work on Social Security because it might go broke in 40 years.... What a flipping joke!!

Oh and Ron Regan said something I found very interesting: That back when his dad was president he said it wasn't as mean. At the end of the day the republicans and democrats would still go out at the end of the day together and have a drink - You won't see that any more. He called the current Republican party vicous, and I have to agree.

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