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Originally posted by Matthew_Page2000:
Not to rain on anyone's parade but prior to 9/11 Bush didn't intend to build the military all that much. He wanted massively increased military SPENDING but an overwhelming majority of it was for a missile defense plan. Not more troops, tanks, planes, ships or guns. In other words, despite criticizing Clinton publically for military cuttbacks Bush wasn't planning on doing anything about it. Reason being that the cuts seemed like a good idea at the time. How, or whether 9/11 will change this I haven't a clue.


p.s.- It's really easy to criticize Presidents decision making with the benefit of hindsight. For instance Dubya's daddy made a horrendous mistake when he didn't take Saddam out during the Gulf War. It seems reasonably likely that the Anthrax being used to kill Americans now came from Iraq. When we attack Iraq (and we ARE going to attack Iraq in some manner) a lot of people are going to die. Maybe a lot of Americans this time. All of which could have been avoided if Bush Sr. had acted decisively during Desert Storm.

p.p.s.- It could get a lot worse. Iraq has smallpox.
First off you are wrong, it has been widely publicized ( and liberally criticized ) that Bush #43 intends to beef up our military personnel.

Secondly, back to 'desert storm', Bush#41 did exactly as he should have given his intelligence data. He was the leader of the CIA before being VP for 8 years. That was back when we had a CIA. They told him that we had won and we didn't need to go any further because there would be an uprising of the people who would overthrow saddam and we wouldn't have to lose any lives trying to be 'mercenaries'.

We now know the CIA was wrong then as they are now. Yes he should have finished the job, but he was doing what seemed best at the time.

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The Military was strained during the Clinton years and many high skilled people left because of overdeployment and low pay. But I think most of my critical points focus on new weapon systems that have not been built or cancelled because of cost, and I don't mean NMD either.
While many will call this a Clinton military, one could argue that it is still a Reagan military in that many of the fine weapon systems that are in use today were built and brought into service during the Reagan years, despite strong resistance put up by Democrats!
Many of the weapon systems are old and need to eventually be replaced. The research and Development, Procurement area's for some types of weapon systems were nearly eliminated during the Clinton era.
To the current situation. Not that this says anything about the Clinton admin., but the current operation has only averaged 100 strikes per day. In Kosovo it was 500, and in the Gulf War, it was 1,500. Right now the operation in my view is still limited and small and has yet to devolop. But things are just starting, and as someone has said before, Clinton did nothing for Intelligence during his era. Which seems to be one of the issue's were struggling with at the moment.

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It's also relevant to remember that some of the (then) Democratic Senators such as Nunn, Mitchell and Shelby (now a Republican) were ardent supporters of a strong military, and its consistent (as I believe it to be) performance is due a bit to them looking out for it regardless of who was President.


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