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Originally posted by LivLuvAndBootlegMusic
I saw a similar thing happen on a smaller scale the second time I met Bono. Me and the people I was with saw him outside his hotel and were just talking and taking a picture here and there when others realized who he was. In seconds, there was like a mob rush and I saw many grown women pushing down a little boy who who had walked over to get his ATYCLB autographed. At that time, I really felt ashamed to be a U2 fan.
This is part of the reason why Bono still lives in Dublin, I believe. He is less likely to get hassled like that here because he is 'part of the scenery'. Honestly, most Dubliners wouldn't think twice if they saw Bono walking down the street. I'm not saying he never gets hassled by overly enthusiastic fans here but it happens less than people might think.

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people are dangerous. and dumb. and somebody ought to whack that chair-guy over the head with that laptop he bought.
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Holy crap.

This is just another reason why I shop on-line.
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I hate people sometimes. And this kind of shit makes me hate some Americans.

As others have said, in other countries, people riot for food. Or freedom. This just makes me embarrassed to live here.
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Originally posted by Sue DeNym
Isn't it disgusting? We live in a materially-obsessed, keep-up-with-the-Joneses society. Add that to a herd mentality and you have stories like this.

I say, to hell with the Joneses. I'm not risking life, limb, sanity or decency for the latest fad toy or soon-to-be-obsolete electronica. And I'll be sure to teach my child why, too.

And for the other stories, frankly, who can blame Bono for bailing? Those loonies could've seriously hurt him! Not to mention their total lack of manners and consideration for other people, which is totally against his beliefs and ways.
. Well said.

And while I do still like shopping around Christmastime, yes, I do constantly shake my head at the "adults" who are pushing each other all over the place to get the latest toy. Grow up, guys, I've seen 5 year olds more mature than you .

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Old 08-17-2005, 02:56 AM   #22
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Sounds that there were a lot of dutch folk there...
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Old 08-17-2005, 04:18 AM   #23
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Originally posted by s_tielemans
Sounds that there were a lot of dutch folk there...
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Similar thing happened at a new IKEA in north London a while ago. It's not just americans doing this shit!
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civility died a long time ago..a similar thing happened to me a few months back when I waited for hours for a chance to see Bono. This very loud woman, who insisted that she was there before everyone else (even though I was there before everyone else except for 2 guys) pushed her way over to Bono even though John Sampson said no pictures, she got her picture. Everyone there was pushing, because I was in front I managed to say hello to Bono and Edge and get their autographs. She made a fool of herself in my opinion. People even approached Edge when he had walked away to go on his blackberry.

I had to say " please stop pushing" right in front of Bono and John then told people to stop.

I would much rather be dignified and respectful of them any day and not get a picture or anything else than be rude and loud like that woman was. It brings out the worst in some people, but then again when some people seem to get competitive over it on an Internet forum it doesn't surprise me
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Originally posted by karls77
Similar thing happened at a new IKEA in north London a while ago. It's not just americans doing this shit!
The whole computer is so damn stupid

now I forgot what I was going to say....
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We all like to get good deals on things, I mean 50 bucks for a laptop is a great deal, but come on. Who in their right mind hits people with a chair. I didn't hit people when they got U2 tickets and I didn't...even though I may have wanted to

It demonstrates that some people have virtually no patience or common courtesy for that matter. Just imagine the free-for-all at the venues if there wasn't a line police to keep some order.

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