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Originally posted by prideofzootv
just need to watch some documentaries about 9/11 and it is a perfect example of where the government lacks its common sense, had all these warnings yet nothings done about it,
I wonder if Homeland Security has really built or maintained any solid bridges between all the territorial, uncooperative levels of law enforcement.

This Canadian incident, politically-speaking, is a "coup" and huge opportunity for our right-wing Prime Minister whose support in the polls is lowest in and around Toronto.


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Well, i'm going to wait and see. It seems that the RCMP and CSIS have been a bit too enthusiastic about speaking about these arrests. People are actually commenting about how PRish it all seems. And it wouldn't be the first time an intelligence agency in some country touts a major terrorist-ring find and then nothing comes of it. I just read in the paper yesterday about Britain's "chemical bomb terrorist ring" that was announced last week now looking like nothing but hype.

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U.S. officials believe Canadian arrests over the weekend and three recent domestic incidents in the United States are evidence the U.S. will soon be hit again by a terrorist attack. Privately, they say, they'd be surprised if it didn't come by the end of the year, reports CBS News correspondent Jim Stewart in a CBS News exclusive.

The first of the domestic incidents, all of which drew little attention at the time, began with the holdup of a string of Torrance, Calif. gas stations last summer. Muslim converts who bonded together in prison planned to use the robberies to finance attacks on 20 Army recruiting stations.

Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton admits they stumbled on the plot during a search.

"Make no mistake about it," Bratton said. "We dodged a bullet here — perhaps many bullets."

Police in Toledo, Ohio, busted another cell in February. This one consisted of three men training to attack U.S. forces overseas. Once again, luck played a role. When they tried to enlist someone in their mosque to help, he turned them in.

"These individuals are often hiding in plain sight in cities like Torrance and now Toledo," says John Pistole, a FBI deputy director.

Two months ago, a pair of Atlanta men, one a Georgia Tech engineering student, were arrested not long after communicating by e-mail with two of the suspects arrested in Canada over the weekend. The Atlanta men are charged with videotaping domestic targets, including the U.S. Capitol and the World Bank.

Analysts now conclude similarities between all the cases were dramatic: All were self-financed, self-motivated, and in each case the men were seeking out others to join their cell.

In short, Osama bin Laden didn't pay for these plots, recruit for them or even know of them. They were all totally homegrown — even amateurish. But if four, including the one in Canada, have been uncovered in just 11 months, officials fear there are inevitably other plots that have not been and are maturing even now.

The next attack here, officials predict, will bear no resemblance to Sept. 11. The casualty toll will not be that high, the target probably not that big. We may not even recognize it for what it is at first, they say. But it's coming — of that they seem certain.
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Toronto's Police Chief says the 17 terror suspects arrested this weekend were motivated by politics, not faith.

Bill Blair commented two days after Canadian authorities arrested the suspects on terrorism-related charges.

Blair suggested a Toronto mosque could have been vandalized Saturday night in relation to the arrests.

Blair told reporters "we have tried to make it very clear that this was not the actions of the Muslim community, it was the alleged actions of a small number of young men who were ideologically inspired to commit violent and criminal acts."

The Chief told reporters that no police official involved in any public discussion since the arrests has made any reference to the Islamic faith.

Right, they all just really hate bacon.
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Originally posted by A_Wanderer
[BRight, they all just really hate bacon. [/B]

while it's delicious and all, that stuff they serve in Canada is not bacon.

it's ham.

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